Next week’s EastEnders spoilers: Mick and Linda’s big news, plus Ian is threatened

All the latest Walford drama

EastEnders - January - March - 2020 - 6103

Next week’s episodes of EastEnders (for the 6th and 7th of April) see the Carters’ plan to sell the pub being discovered, while Dotty ratchets up the pressure on a beleaguered Ian Beale.


As Albert Square kicks off, can anyone find a resolution?

Read on for full details of the upcoming spoilers…

Mick and Linda are selling the Queen Vic

There have apparently been viewer complaints about soaps still featuring scenes that place in pubs. After all, real-life landlords have been told to call last orders, at least for the time being. But we need to cut the likes of EastEnders some slack. These episodes were filmed a while ago and the BBC is trying to eke out its supply for as long as possible now that filming has been put on pause. So just think of Walford as a land of lost content, albeit one where everyone feels permanently wretched.

Take Mick, for example. He’s currently looking deflated because an estate agent has called to value the Queen Vic. And a guilty-feeling Linda is soon suggesting that she no longer work behind the bar. The pair are in agreement, though, that Shirley and Tina needn’t know about their plan to sell up just yet – but news travels fast in Walford and they’re soon caught out.

Next, of course, we’ll have the bidding war as to who gets ownership of the Square’s beloved boozer. My dream would be for vampy Chrissie Watts to make a surprise comeback.

Dotty v Ian

I like to imagine that the ghost of Nick Cotton is sitting on daughter Dotty’s shoulder, encouraging her to stir up trouble wherever she goes. She starts the week by venting her anger on Vinny and finishes it by goading and then ultimately threatening Ian. And while I’m loath to condone such bullying, it’s quite fun watching the odious Ian being driven potty by Dotty.

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