After the stunning news that Rita Simons would be returning for a special appearance as Roxy in EastEnders, the episode featuring the star has now been made available on BBC iPlayer - and fans are in tears over the emotional scenes.


In the episode, which will air on BBC One tonight (27th April), Roxy's daughter Amy (Ellie Dadd) is seen attending a group session with her family, and she opens up about the impact that losing her mum has had on her life.
This then leads to a sequence in which Roxy Mitchell appears as a figment of Amy's imagination, and fans who have already watched the sequence have been reacting to it on Twitter.
One Twitter user said: "NO ONE TALK TO ME. I'm sobbing over this. It's so unfair. Chris Clenshaw needs to bring Ronnie and Roxy back. Like, I'd accept it. Idc [I don't care] how he'd do it, I'd accept it if it meant having them back."

Meanwhile, another said: "Amazing seeing @OfficialRita back as Roxy in @bbceastenders. Such a powerful scene!

"I honestly wouldn’t be against the show having a Bobby Ewing moment and bringing Ronnie and Roxy back from the dead. Axing Rita and @Sam_Womack was a huge mistake."

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Another added that they had "just seen a clip of Roxy and Amy from tonight’s EastEnders and I’m crying already", while's Lewis Knight simply said: "Screaming crying throwing up," alongside a picture of Roxy.

Another fan said: "I can’t get over how beautiful this scene is. Rita and Ellie are incredible together, I don’t care how but they need to find a way of bringing Roxy (and Ronnie) back for good."

In announcing Roxy's brief return, executive producer Chris Clenshaw said: "I’m thrilled to welcome the fabulous Rita back to the iconic role of Roxy Mitchell for these special scenes.

"Although the character was last seen on screen in January 2017, Roxy still remains a fan favourite. We know our audiences will be thrilled at her short return as Amy seeks some all-important answers from her mum at this point in the storyline."

EastEnders airs on Mondays to Thursdays at 7:30pm on BBC One and from 6am on BBC iPlayer.

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