Lola Pearce-Brown (Danielle Harold) is set to tell young daughter Lexi (Isabella Brown) the truth about her terminal brain tumour diagnosis in next week's EastEnders - and she's supported by new husband Jay Brown (Jamie Borthwick).


The pair finally wed in moving scenes after another difficult week, which saw Lola suffer worrying new symptoms. She later learned that her tumour had not advanced any further yet, but the panic led her to have second thoughts. Happily, Jay pledged his devotion and Lola said 'I do' after all.

The couple were later watched in secret by Lola's long-lost mum Emma Harding (Patsy Kensit), who is also set to make her presence known in upcoming episodes. But in the aftermath of the big day, Lola's priority is, as always, her beloved Lexi.

When Lexi feigns illness to stay with her mum, Lola is worried. While Jay tries to cheer up his new wife by suggesting they take a honeymoon, Lola decides it's time she was honest with Lexi about her situation.

As she braces herself to tell Lexi that she is dying, Jay and Lexi's dad Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden) are close by for support. The news hits Lexi hard, but instead of crying, she insists on going back to school.

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Lexi is angry that her mum has lied to her again, but there's worse to come when Lola discovers that a girl from Lexi's school has seen her vlogs about her cancer journey and is making cruel comments.

When Emma takes a salon appointment with Lola, who is oblivious to the woman's true identity, Lola ends up confiding in Emma about Lexi's bully.

Patsy Kensit as Emma Harding in EastEnders.
Patsy Kensit as Emma Harding in EastEnders. BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron

Little does Lola know that Emma has already met Lexi in the playground and offered her some comforting words - although again, she avoids revealing who she really is.

Will Emma step up for her daughter properly? And can Jay help Lola support Lexi during this devastating time?

EastEnders is working closely with Brain Tumour Research and Macmillan Cancer Support on Lola's storyline, and you can find help and support by visiting the above websites.

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