EastEnders' character Honey Mitchell had her drink spiked by an admirer who seemed too good to be true in a dramatic development on the BBC One soap on Thursday night. But while she escaped, the attack is certain to have a longterm impact on a character who already has trust issues.


Honey, played by Emma Barton, was on a lunch date with the man when she slipped off to the Ladies', joking, ominously: "Look after my drink... I trust you."

The curly-haired attacker who had appeared to be a genuine albeit unconfident guy then immediately spiked her drink with a powder.

Honey quickly felt the effects and was soon looking flustered and incoherent, complaining: "Is it hot in here?"

Her attacker was almost rumbled when Isaac showed up in the restaurant but he immediately dismissed her behaviour as alcohol-induced.

The man escorted Honey out of the restaurant but as she stumbled up an alley she had enough wits about her to call Jay, who knew immediately that heavy lunchtime drinking was out of character and rushed off in search of her.

As the man was filming her collapsed in the alleyway, Jay noticed her and ran to her rescue.

Honey had had an incredibly lucky escape. But what will be the impact be on the woman who has had a difficult time with relationships?

EastEnders fans reacted immediately to her traumatic experience. One tweeted: "Awww poor Honey ...this will set her back so much! No-one does shame & humiliation like her poor girl. Let’s hope Jay is there to pick up the pieces and make her feel all better."

Another posted: "Thank f**k for that. Jay acted on instinct because he knew it wasn’t in Honey’s nature to get drunk like that."

The storyline resonated with many on social media.

If you’ve been affected by any issues raised in Honey’s storylines, you can find help and support here.


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