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EastEnders cast speak out on Dotty Cotton and Peter Beale romance

"He finds her very intriguing…"

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Published: Tuesday, 28th April 2020 at 5:30 pm

Bad girl Dotty Cotton (Milly Zero) has her sights set on tormented Peter Beale (Dayle Hudson) as she livens up Walford with another club night.


The pair are both products of legendary EastEnders dynasties and experienced terrible tragedy in their young lives, but does this necessarily mean they make a good match? Especially considering Dotty has been blackmailing her crush's dad over his part in Dennis Rickman's death? asks the cast for their take on the potential twosome…

"I think Peter finds Dotty very intriguing, very different, and obviously very attractive," smiles Hudson, who recently took over from Ben Hardy to become the seventh actor to play Ian Beale's prodigal son.

"Dotty's characteristics he likes are that she is unapologetic, doesn't mince her words at all and is not afraid of anything.

"They share a lot of family history which is where the initial attraction comes from. I absolutely love working with Milly," he shares. "She has this amazing, young energy, it's incredible. We have so much fun in our scenes together."

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Of which there may be more on the horizon, as Dotty makes her move on Tuesday 28th April when she goes in for a kiss at the club - breaking Peter's little brother Bobby's heart in the process…

"You don't have to be a genius to work out Bobby has a massive thing for Dotty," laughs Zero. "He can't form a sentence when she's around and gets all clumsy. She thought it was cute at first but doesn't want it to get in the way of something happening with Peter.

"Dotty thinks she has to break it to Bobby gently that really likes his big brother. She does feel bad. One way or another she is in demand with all the Beale men!"

The spawn of Nasty Nick Cotton has secretly been putting the pressure on Peter's pa Ian to come clean that he was partly responsible for the tragic demise of young Denny back in February. Added to that, Bobby ends up collapsing at the club night after taking drugs the hostess has been pushing to the punters - surely these are all further obstacles to any possible romance?

EastEnders - April - June - 2020 - 6110

"The impact of Bobby's collapse could be huge for her," continues Zero. "If Bobby survives will he tell anyone he got the drugs from Dotty? Ian already hates her, but will Peter be able to look past it if he finds out?

"Peter definitely would not be happy, and of all the potential repercussions of this that is the main thing she is concerned about."

Don't expect a big fat Cotton/Beale wedding to unite two of the Square's most famous families just yet, then…


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