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“Bobby’s collapse has huge repercussions for Dotty” warns EastEnders Milly Zero

Has she killed Ian Beale's son?

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Published: Tuesday, 21st April 2020 at 6:00 am

EastEnders’ bad girl Dotty Cotton (Milly Zero) is caught up in another drug-based drama next week when young Bobby Beale collapses after a suspected overdose at her club night in E20.


The cash-strapped mechanic has been branching out into events to make more money, as well as blackmailing Ian Beale for keeping quiet about his part in Dennis Rickman’s death, but on Tuesday 28thApril her latest evening takes a dangerous turn.

Dotty has her sights set on buff Peter Beale and invites him to her bash, leaving his little brother Bobby annoyed he’s not old enough to go and hang out with his crush.

“You don’t have to be a genius to work out Bobby has a massive thing for Dotty,” says Zero, speaking exclusively to “He can’t form a sentence and is clumsy around her. She thought it was cute at first and didn’t say anything but didn’t realise it would get in the way of something happening between her and Peter, who tells her how much Bobby fancies her.

“Then she thinks she has to talk to Bobby and let him down gently. Dotty does feel bad but she really likes Peter – she’s in demand with all the Beales one way or another!”

Bobby manages to blag himself into the club and tries to impress Dotty by asking to buy some of the legal high laughing gas she's surreptitiously peddling to revellers. She sends him packing and he’s devastated to see big brother Peter move in on the object of his affections.

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Fed up of being rejected, gutted Bobby follows one of Dotty’s punters who’ve already bought some of the drugs she’s pushing while Peter and Dotty almost kiss… The next time we see Ian’s youngest son he’s passed out on the floor after suddenly collapsing. Has he taken the laughing gas? And will Dotty be held responsible for what’s happened?

“Peter would definitely not be happy if he knew the truth and that’s the main thing she’s concerned about,” confides Zero. “Ian obviously hates her already but there’s an impct of what this might make him do. And if Bobby survives, will he tell anyone Dotty was dealing? There could be big repercussions.

“After what happened with Bex, who collapsed at the boat party after taking Dotty’s drugs, she hasn’t learnt, and this is not the end of the story – it doesn’t stop here.

“I think she will keep exploring the club nights and the laughing gas as a way to make money, she is under pressure from Sonia to pay her way but she has no adult guidance now Dot has gone. Dotty pretty much on her own and her family don’t support her.”


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