**Warning: This article contains discussion of self-harm which some readers might find upsetting.**


Sam Mitchell (Kim Medcalf) stepped up to help troubled young relative Amy (Ellie Dadd) in tonight's EastEnders (14th November), as she revealed the teen's self-harming to her father Jack Branning (Scott Maslen).

Amy began hurting herself a few weeks ago after being subjected to trolling from school classmates over her relationship with Denzel Danes (Jaden Ladega). She has so far managed to keep her secret hidden, but everything changed in tonight's scenes.

Jack and civil partner Denise Fox (Diane Parish) were planning a family meal at The Vic as a belated celebration for Amy's birthday. This came after the teen stayed in her room on the actual day, and she was hardly keen to make up for it.

Sam Mitchell in EastEnders
Kim Medcalf as Sam Mitchell in EastEnders. BBC

Meanwhile, Sam, who is the mother of Amy's brother Ricky (Frankie Day), was hoping to get back in her son's good books - but Ricky was unimpressed as he pointed out that she had missed yet another school event. When Sam reminded him that he could always come to see her, Denise questioned why it should be down to Ricky to find her.

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Sam tried to bag an invite to the family meal, but Denise warned her off. Undeterred, Sam searched for an outfit from Whitney Dean's (Shona McGarty) clothes stall, hoping to bribe Amy into inviting her. But when Sam used her old key to enter the house so she could offer up her gift, she walked in on Amy cutting herself.

Shocked, Sam left the room, but soon changed her mind, returning to look after Amy. She gently cleaned up Amy's wound, before telling her that she could seriously injure herself by self-harming. Amy dismissed Sam's concerns and pleaded with her not to say anything, even promising that she could get Ricky to talk to Sam again.

Despite her worries, Sam seemed to agree as she urged Amy never to cut again. The pair then showed up at the pub, where Jack had been growing annoyed over Amy's absence.

Keen to earn Sam's continued silence, Amy lied to her brother that Sam had secured cinema tickets for a superhero film, giving Sam a way to connect with Ricky. But as the group ate and chatted, Sam was uneasy over the situation.

Later, she sought out Jack in the toilets, and explained that Amy needed help as she had just found her self-harming at home. Before Jack could respond, he and Sam realised that Amy had overheard their conversation.

What will she do next? And can Jack help his daughter?

EastEnders has worked closely with Alumina, Mind and Samaritans to portray this storyline as realistically and sensitively as possible. For support and information on matters raised within this article, visit BBC Action Line.

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