Next week’s Coronation Street spoilers: Shona’s life is on the line, plus Tyrone and Fiz’s devastation (6-10 January 2020)

Plus Tracy's secret is revealed


A social worker is to be feared in Coronation Street because they always seem to swoop in like Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’s Child Catcher and take kids away from parents. Usually, there’s some injustice involved too, as is currently the case with Fiz and Tyrone. They, and the authorities, are being duped by vengeful nanny Jade, who’s out to paint Fiz and Ty as abusive parents and we find things escalating massively from Monday onwards. Might this be the moment they’re separated from Hope?


When news broke that Tracy was set to have a one-night stand with Paula, fans on Twitter went potty. “I am disgusted and sad,” seethed one. “I always thought Paula and Sophie were in love. Well, it looks as though this anger will be nothing compared to Steve’s, who discovers all on Friday. Mind you, he’s not exactly been a figure of moral probity during his time in Weatherfield. Pot, kettle, Mr McDonald?


David’s 2020 continues to be as grim as it gets thanks to his bedside vigil by Shona’s side at the hospital. Having already lost one wife in tragic circumstances, David is understandably fearful that history is about to repeat itself, especially when the medics reveal that they want to remove her breathing tube. But surely the writers wouldn’t be so cruel as to leave David a widow twice over?

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Finally, we have Gemma and Ches’s deal with Frescho going awry when they realise that the marketing gurus want to replace them with ‘model’ parents. And things get even worse when Ches’s boss Dev forces him to choose between the supermarket chain and the Alahan empire…