Coronation Street fans with long memories are in for a treat when Debbie Webster returns to the cobbles for the first time in 34 years. On Wednesday 2nd October, the character appears bearing bad tidings for big brother Kevin Webster about a death in the family.


Seeking out her mechanic sibling, brassy Deb gets a dressing down from his employee Abi Franklin who mistakes her for her boss's late date and gives her a mouthful for keeping him waiting.

Once that little misunderstanding is smoothed over, Debbie eventually tracks Kev down and announces their Auntie Vi has sadly passed away - and she's inherited £200,000 in her will!

A generous Debbie explains to Kevin that she wants him to have the money, but he initially turns her down, telling her he can't accept her offer. Frustrated Deb won't take no for an answer, though, and by Friday 4th October she appears to have convinced him to change his mind as the garage owner makes plans to share the loot between himself and kids Sophie, Rosie and Jack.

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Sophie could especially benefit from an unexpected windfall, as during the visit her Auntie Deb senses her heart's not in her business course she's just embarked on - so what difference could the money make to her future? And could it be tied in with the character's upcoming temporary exit to accommodate actress Brooke Vincent's maternity leave?

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When was Debbie Webster last in Coronation Street?

Fun-loving Deb arrived in 1984, joining her dad Bill and brother Kevin who had already ensconced themselves on the street during the preceding year.

A flighty teenager with a penchant for bad boys, Debbie spent seven months in Weatherfield and moved to Southampton in 1985 with her dad and his new wife Elaine. Her most memorable storyline was dating a biker called Daz Isherwood, which her family disapproved of.

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In the intervening decades Debbie has had a few mentions from the remaining Websters - Kevin has gone to stay with her on occasion, notably in 2001 when he did a runner when ex-wife Sally was planning to marry Danny Hargreaves.

In 2011 Rosie received a phone call from her aunt who revealed she'd bought a villa in Turkey, giving the Websters a handy holiday home if the actors ever take time off - Kevin and Jack were there for a visit in 2016.

Reprising her role after all this time is original actress Sue Devaney, also known for her appearances in Victoria Wood's classic sitcom dinnerladies and 1980s kids drama Jonny Briggs. (No connection to actor Johnny Briggs, Corrie legend Mike Baldwin!)


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