There were poignant scenes in tonight's Coronation Street (25th July), as Phill Whittaker (Jamie Kenna) finally appeared to relent over ending his marriage to Fiz Stape (Jennie McAlpine).


When Fiz wed Phill earlier this month, her happiness was so shortlived that she broke things off with her new husband at the reception! She rushed straight over to see former partner Tyrone Dobbs (Alan Halsall), and the pair reunited.

When Phill discovered that they had got back together on the night of the wedding, he was furious and even more hurt. He warned Fiz that he wouldn't give her an annulment, instead telling her and Tyrone that he would ensure a divorce took a full year to go through. He then stormed away, leaving the deceitful couple looking sheepish.

However, with the dust having settled, Phill visited Fiz tonight. He gave her a gift for daughter Hope (Isabella Flanagan), who was set to have her school leavers' ceremony.

He also brought over some of Fiz's clothes, making a point of saying he had deliberately shrunk one of her jumpers in the wash - before feeling guilty and ironing the rest of the garments! Fiz was sincere in her apologies, and Phill surprised her by handing over the signed forms to terminate their marriage after all.

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Phill went on to recite some quotes as he accepted that Fiz didn't love him. Phill wanted to make sure she knew that she was more than enough for him, and Fiz replied that she didn't regret their time together. She told him he would always be welcome in their lives, but Phill knew that wouldn't work and gracefully bid Fiz goodbye for good.

But is that really the last we'll see of Phill?

Has Phill Whittaker left Coronation Street?

coronation street tyrone dobbs phill
Is this the end for Phill? (ITV)

It seems that this was Phill's final scene in Coronation Street. But with actor Kenna's performances winning over fans, might the soap already be planning a comeback for him? If not, could he be back by popular demand?

Viewers have previously questioned whether Phill might have a dark side, following his decision to try and publish a book on John Stape - Fiz's serial killing late husband. Was it really just the misguided and daft attempt of a man who wanted to help - or is Phill actually a devious mastermind, destined for an evil arc?

It seems odd that his exit also coincided with Fiz and Tyrone's daughter Hope receiving suspicious messages from a gamer, questioning her about her family. Could Phill be behind it, using this as a way in - even if we're not sure what his long-term plan would be? Or is this sinister development nothing to do with him?

If Phill really is as genuine and sweet as he seems, we'd certainly still like to see him stick around! So come on Corrie, let Phill find the woman of his dreams on the cobbles, or simply become a permanent part of the community.

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