Mikey North says that Coronation Street is finally about to expose his alter ego Gary Windass as a killer - with some seriously tense scenes on the way.


Back in 2019, Gary murdered Rick Neelan (Greg Wood) in self-defence before burying his body in some woods. Three years later, he's not the only person harbouring the secret, and he even allowed Kelly's mother Laura (Kel Allen) to confess in his place before she passed away from cancer.

But Gary is now the guardian of Rick's daughter Kelly (Millie Gibson), and she is about to find out exactly what he did to her dad! This will culminate in an explosive week to coincide with Kelly's exit, which sees her plot Gary's murder before being kidnapped again. And star North has some teasers to share.

Gary and Kelly in Coronation Street
Mikey North and Millie Gibson on set as they film Coronation Street's dramatic week. (ITV) ITV

Speaking to RadioTimes.com and other media, the actor says: "We had stunts in the woods. I think there's another fight with a shovel, which obviously ties in with all the Rick stuff."

As for Kelly, North teases Gary's motivations: "When she's in danger...when they're up on the roof - he will happily go off that roof for that girl. He really will; he genuinely would jump off if it meant saving [Kelly]."

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At this point, we can reveal that as well as the perilous situation on a rooftop and a haunting woodland scene, there will also be a shooting. But whether the victim will be Gary or Kelly remains to be seen. What North can promise, though, is plenty of action.

"There's a lot of emotional stuff in there, and it's sort of got a bit of everything for me, personally, you know. There's a lot of stunts in there which I always enjoy doing. It's a little bit of fighting. There's a little bit of angry, but there's also a lot of sad, it's sort of showing every side to all of the characters, really."

The star adds that he is thrilled with how the filming process went. "This block of episodes has been the best block that I've ever been involved with in 15 years here. The collaboration of all the departments coming together to really want to make this work.

"And obviously we're using new technology, it needed everyone to really pull together, and they really have. The director, Dave Beauchamp, has been incredible. It's been such a collaborative effort for everyone. Everyone's been involved, and I can't speak highly enough of him, and how this block's gone."

Keep watching to find out what Gary's fate will be!

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