When is Rick and Morty season 5 released? When the next episodes will drop on Netflix

Wubbalubbadubdub! Here's everything we know about Rick and Morty season 5 so far...

Justin Roiland's Rick Sanchez in Rick and Morty (C4)

Rick and Morty is one of the most popular animated shows going – boasting a hugely devoted fan base and inspiring all sorts of memes and talking points over the course of its four series so far.


It therefore won’t be a surprise that many fans are desperate for information about the upcoming fifth run of the show – and the good news is that work on the series had already begun before the coronavirus pandemic, with series creator Dan Harmon promising fans they won’t have to wait as long as two years for new episodes this time, as was the case between series 3 and 4.

And with a first look at the next outing for the eccentric scientist and his grandson now having been shared online, the hype is beginning to really build for the fifth instalment – read on for everything we know so far about season five of Rick and Morty.

When will Rick and Morty season 5 be released?

The Rick and Morty team has not yet announced a release date for the duo’s fifth series but when the series was renewed, creators Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland told Entertainment Weekly that the wait wouldn’t be so long this time.

“I think it’s safe to say without fear of being wrong that the gap between seasons three and four will be the longest, and last time that it’s ever so long that it’s ridiculous. I don’t know how fast we can do it, but I know it will never be this long again.”

However, if the mid-season break of five months is anything to go by, animating the series once the scripts are finalised takes longer than expected.

Animation director Nathan Litz told The Express: “You see all the great action go by and it looks fantastic. But you look at it and you think, ‘that took four weeks to do, and it played out in one minute’.”

“If you work on a fire-rescue show, you’ve got fire and water and smoke to deal with. On Rick and Morty, you’ve got fire, water, smoke, lasers, ship trails, explosions, everything you can possibly think of,” he added.

It’s currently unclear how COVID-19 will impact the release of season five, but Sarah Chalke, who voices Beth in the series, revealed to Digital Spy in May that the cast have not yet read through the series.

“So, season five, we haven’t read yet,” she said. “They’re writing it already. But as it stands, we are going to most likely hold off on recording until things settle down a little bit, in terms of when… you know, maybe if there was an option that we could possibly record… you know, when we could record back at the studio.”

That being said, Justin Roiland told Slash Film in May that season five was “mostly in the can” and that if all 10 episodes are ready, Adult Swim will “release them without a split”.

What is also promising is the fact that Dan Harmon mentioned in a recent Instagram post that at least one writer working on episodes for season six, well before season five has even started airing.

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Today we Zoom a special reunion table read of the Community episode in which Pierce bestows frozen sperm from his grave. The incredible Walton Goggins can’t make it so Pedro Pascal will play Pierce’s lawyer. He’s on some Disney show where Boba Fett’s in college with Yoda’s niece. In keeping with that theme, the part of Troy will be played by Lando. Yes, for real, the whole gang is back together. We got Horse Girl, we got Card Shark, we got ‘em all. I don’t know the details of when it will be available, but don’t worry about missing it, we’re doing it for you. Also streaming it live could never happen because we have to edit out @yvettenicolebrown’s rants about storming Area 51. One more magical thing about today: the script we’re reading, Cooperative Polygraphy, is by Community and Rick and Morty alum Alex Rubens, who is BACK at RaM writing on season 6. He was wearing a suit in yesterday’s Zoom session because during lunch he was attending a Zoom funeral. Not a joke. Hard to tell jokes from life these days. These are odd times but everybody that worked on the show has been feeling the love and joy from all the rookie and veteran Community fans binging the show on Netflix. I’m going to go take the first pre-table read shower of my life. Sincere love to the fans and the cast, thanks for the best pre-Cody years of my life #sixseasonsandamovie

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How can I watch Rick and Morty season 5 in the UK?


Rick and Morty season five doesn’t have a confirmed UK broadcaster just yet.

Season three of the cult show was released episode-by-episode on Netflix, however, E4 picked up the rights to air the fourth series, which will become available on Netflix later in the summer.

It’s currently unknown whether season five will stay at E4 or move back to the streaming giant but either way, we just want season five as soon as possible!

What will happen in Rick and Morty season 5?

The unpredictable and non-linear nature of Rick and Morty means that it’s hard to predict what will happen next series. Hopefully the ‘Interdimensional Cable’ format will return next series – this season, it was replaced by the controversial Never Ricking Morty meta episode.

We’re still yet to find out what happened to Evil Morty and what he did to the Citadel under his leadership so hopefully he’ll make an appearance next season.

How can I watch Rick and Morty seasons 1-4?

Seasons one to three of Rick and Morty are available to watch on Netflix, and also air in the evenings on E4.

Season four aired exclusively on E4 at 10pm on Wednesdays with the new episodes then made available to stream on All4.

It then joined the earlier episodes on Netflix, arriving on the streaming platform on Tuesday 16th June.

And if you want to get another fix of the time-travelling pair before the next season airs, a new short recently debuted – inspired by anime but otherwise very much showcasing the Rick and Morty than we’ve come to know over the last four seasons.

Who’s in the cast of Rick and Morty season 5?

Justin Roiland will of course return to voice half the cast, including titular characters Rick and Morty, alongside Sarah Chalke (Scrubs) as Rick’s long-suffering daughter Beth, with Chris Parnell as her passive husband Jerry.

Kelsey Grammer’s daughter Spencer Grammer completes the family as Morty’s sister Summer.

After season four’s host of famous guest stars, including Paul Giamatti, Keegan-Michael Key, Matthew Broderick, Justin Theroux and even Elon Musk, season five is bound to feature a similarly star-studded cast.

Is there a trailer for Rick and Morty season 5?

While a full trailer hasn’t been released just yet, a first look scene from the new series has been posted online in animatic form.

The clip shows a stressed-out Rick contemplate death as he and Morty are chased by a tentacle-wielding monster, while Morty uses what he thinks might be his lats moments to phone Jessica.

Check out the clip below, and we’ll post a full trailer when one becomes available.


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