New Star Trek TV series teaser gives us a glimpse of uniforms, sets and the Discovery itself

The trailer for Discovery is set to stun


There’s a new teaser trailer for Star Trek: Discovery and it promises to boldly go where the show has pretty much been before. But in a good way.


The new look at the upcoming Netflix prequel series is charting a course for its 1960s source material, looking back at the very inception of the sci-fi show for inspiration.

As the (straight out of 90s film trailers) narrator in the teaser explains: “On March 11, 1964, Gene Roddenberry wrote three words on a blank page – ‘Star Trek is…’ What followed was half a century of stories, unbridled by the constraints of time or space, but always a reflection of what it means to be human.”

“Star Trek Discovery will begin that sentence once again.”

The teaser then whisks us through glimpses at the gorgeous new Starfleet uniforms, some Klingon-looking costumes, sets being built and the USS Discovery itself.

It’s oh so cheesy, but oh so exciting.

So, what’s the show about? Well, like Enterprise and Voyager, Discovery will chart the adventures in space (and perhaps time) or its titular ship. However, unlike other Star Trek series, we’ll follow the viewpoint of ship’s lieutenant commander Rainsford (Sonequa Martin-Green from The Walking Dead), rather than its captain.

Other details are more sketchy, but we do know that it’s set around a decade before the events of the original Star Trek series and that Spock’s dad, Ambassador Sarek, will appear (played by British actor James Frain).

But as promising as it sounds, a series of production delays mean the showrunners have been struggling to make it so. Although scheduled to premiere in February, the 13-part series was pushed back to May to give showrunner Bryan Fuller as much time as possible to perfect the show and find the right crew for Discovery.

Then Fuller stepped back from showrunning due to other commitments, pushing the series back again to an undetermined time this year.


However, judging by the brilliant sneak-peek of the series above, it’s something we khan definitely wait for.