I Am Not Okay With This, the new coming-of-age sci-fi series from Netflix, boasts many stylistic similarities with it's director Jonathan Entwistle's previous work - massive hit show The End Of The F***ing World.


And one of the things that it has in common with that series is its toe-tapping retro jukebox soundtrack, with the action frequently punctuated with some great tunes spanning several decades.

And as well as some hits from well-known, established artists, the creators of the series also went so far as to invent a brand-new band, along with several hits, especially for the show. That band, Bloodwitch, are revered by Stanley Barber, one of the lead characters in the show - we see him try his best to persuade Sydney to give them a listen and then express desperation when the DJ at Homecoming won't play one of their songs.

In addition to Bloodwitch the soundtrack contains songs from bands and musicians including The Kinks, Captain Beefheart, Bonnie Tyler and Aztec Camera - and we've put together a playlist of all the tunes that appear during the first season.

And we’ve picked out five of the highlights below…

*Contains some spoilers for I Am Not Okay With This season 1*

I'm Not Like Everybody Else - The Kinks

This track from one of the most iconic British bands of the '60s (and all time) is the very first song we're treated to on I Am Not Okay With This, serving as the background as we're introduced to main character Sydney. And given that we're about to discover Sydney has telekinetic powers, it seems like a pretty apt introduction!

Fly - Bloodwitch

One of many songs created for the show as a hit for fictional band Bloodwitch, Fly plays at various times throughout the series - normally when Stanley Barber, a die hard fan of the band, is involved. The band was created by Graham Coxon (he of Blur) alongside Tatyana Richaud, a singer and actress.

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Jessie's Girl - Rick Springfield

This seminal '80s song soundtracks a dance between Sydney and her best friend Dina at a house party. Whereas the lyrics refer to feelings of unrequited love for a best friend's girlfriend, in this case it is soundtracking a case of seemingly unrequited feelings for a best friend themselves - with Sydney realising that she is in love with Dina.

Somewhere in my Heart - Aztec Camera

The biggest hit by the Scottish new wave band Aztec Camera, this track plays at Homecoming as Syndey and Dina arrive and dance together, just before things go south. Other songs that the DJ deemed more appropriate for Homecoming than Stanley's suggestion of Bloodwitch included Roxy Music's More Than This and Roxette's Must Have Been Love.

The Killing Moon - Echo & the Bunnymen

Throughout the series, we see various shots of Sydney running away soaked from head to toe in blood - very much in the style of Carrie. But when we finally see the incident in full, rather than in brief foreshadowing clips, the song that is chosen to soundtrack the moment is the above one by revered English rock band Echo & the Bunnymen.


I Am Not Okay With This season 1 is currently streaming on Netflix