As we get closer and closer to Doctor Who's 60th anniversary episodes later this year, David Tennant has teased what fans can expect from the new adventures, saying they will be "quite unexpected".


Speaking with a fan in a clip posted to Twitter, Tennant said: "I think it's gonna be... quite unexpected."

When he was then asked whether there would be "lots of surprises, like the old days", Tennant said: "Oh yeah, definitely. Exactly!"

He then added: "I think there's stuff that people do not know is coming. And there's some stuff that people do know is coming." You can watch the full clip below.

As Tennant alludes, there are already a number of things we know to expect going into the specials. We know all three titles, we know that Tennant's Fourteenth Doctor will team up again with Catherine Tate's Donna Noble and we know that guest stars will include Ruth Madeley and Neil Patrick Harris.

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We also know from the trailer that Beep the Meep and the Wrarth Warriors will both be making an appearance, and that Heartstopper star Yasmin Finney will be playing a new character named Rose.

However, what we don't know is whether any other potential guest stars from Doctor Who's past will be making an appearance - although based on previous comments by Tennant, it appears they will.

Back in August 2022 Tennant said that set photos which had appeared online "aren’t even close to the whole story", and that he had filmed with "many other people" during his time back on the show.

On whether she could be making a return to the show, Karen Gillan, who played Amy Pond, previously told that it is "always nice when people appreciate anything that you've done" and that it's "cool to see that people are still intrigued by Amy Pond and whether she could return".

She then teasingly added: "Maybe, maybe not – I don't know!"

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