Neil Gaiman confirms Good Omens cameo

Terry Pratchett's trademark hat and scarf will also appear during the series...

Good Omens director Douglas Mackinnon, stars David Tennant and Michael Sheen, and author Neil Gaiman (Amazon Prime Video)

Good Omens showrunner Neil Gaiman has confirmed that he will have a cameo in the TV adaptation of the fantasy novel — as a bunny…


The author, who co-authored Good Omens with Terry Pratchett, revealed in a Twitter Q&A that he will appear on screen in the Amazon Prime Video series.

“Episode four, look out for a scene in a small movie theatre where Crowley is watching a cartoon about bunnies,” Gaiman said, replying to a fan who had asked whether he would feature in the series.

“Not only will you see me passed out dead drunk in the audience, but all of the voices of the bunnies are me,” he said.

Gaiman also revealed how his co-author Pratchett will be remembered in the series. Asked whether Aziraphale (played by Michael Sheen) was wearing Pratchett’s trademark hat during the trailer, Gaiman said that it wasn’t — but that  Pratchett’s hat and scarf would both feature during the series.


“That is Aziraphale’s hat in 1941 back when people actually did wear hats, but Terry’s hat is hanging in the [Aziraphale’s] book shop along with Terry’s scarf,” he said. “We hung it in the bookshop so that Terry would always be there.”