Could the BBC’s Dracula come back for another series? Given that the last episode ended with the Count (Claes Bang) dying in the arms of his enemy-turned-soulmate Agatha (Dolly Wells), you’d think the chances were slim – but according to the series’ creators and star, there’s still a chance the iconic vampire could rise again.


“I hope it’s not the end! I have to say, I so want to do a second series – just because I want to – but also because I want to see how Steven and Mark will bring him and Agatha back to life,” star Claes Bang told at the annual Radio Times Covers Party.

“So just to sort of find out how they’re going to do that.. I don’t know [if it’s over], but I hope not.”

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And co-creators Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat aren’t closing the door (or coffin lid) on their new take on Bram Stoker’s creation either, with the pair hinting that there’s definitely more than one way Count Dracula could live again.

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“I mean it's a show about resurrection,” Steven Moffat told us. “That's literally what the main superpower of the main character is.

“Dracula started the show dead and then died again in episode two and came back. And then died again. Sister Agatha died and came back. I mean everyone's dying on that show. So, we'll see.”

“Apparently if you pour blood onto Dracula's ashes he comes back,” teased Gatiss. “Who knows?

“Dracula tends to come back, that's what vampires do - but we have no idea [if the show will return].”

Mark Gatiss, Steven Moffat and Sue Vertue on the set of Dracula (BBC)

And if Dracula did return? Well, apparently Gatiss and Moffat had at least one idea for the character now that he’s discovered he’s not affected by sunlight after all – Dracula on his holidays. OK, it's possible they weren't being entirely serious with that one, but their star certainly took it on face value.

“Mark has said to me that now he can stand in the light the only idea they have for him is on a beach in Mexico with a tin – you know that thing where you get a sun tan?” Bang said.

“That’s the only idea they have at the moment – that’s what he said to me. That would be very lovely to film, yes.

“I’m not sure whether that was a joke when he said it!” Bang added.

Gatiss, meanwhile, said he’d be interested in spending more time with his onscreen character Renfield, reinvented in the show from Stoker’s asylum inmate to Dracula’s lawyer-turned-servant.

“I did have fun playing Renfield,” Gatiss told us. “We actually sort of merged Harker and Renfield. So Jonathan ends up eating flies. And then the idea of Dracula having a lawyer who'd spring him came about, and it was like ‘Actually that could be Renfield!’.

“And then it just became fun to do. We thought about other stuff, and maybe more if we do more… but who knows?”

For now, then, it seems like the future of Dracula is as mysterious as the Count himself. But watch out – based on all this enthusiasm, there could be another Dracula series before we know it. After all, the dead travel fast…

Additional material by Helen Daly

Need to catch up? You can buy BBC's Dracula Season 1 on Blu-ray and DVD on Amazon.


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