Hit anime series Jujutsu Kaisen has revealed a brand new trailer for the show’s second season ahead of its arrival this summer – with its release date now confirmed to be 6th July.


The second season is expected to be released in two parts, following two separate story arcs with a new main character as the focus.

Just like its first season, the latest instalment of the show is expected to have around 24 episodes, with at least half of the second series set to air in 2024.

The official Jujutsu Kaisen Twitter account has now dropped its flashy second trailer, showing exclusive footage of the season’s main character, Gojo.

Though the new trailer is in Japanese, the 90-second footage covers the expected season arcs of Gojo’s past and the Shibuya incident.

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The trailer also features the opening theme song Ao no Sumika by Tatsuya Kitani.

The voice-over of the trailer declares: “Ever since that day, I’ve been telling myself that what I saw was nothing new.

“Knowing the ugliness of the world, I should have chosen to save people.”

The additional season 2 trailer also reveals brand new character designs ready for the series to follow the Shibuya incident arc.

The original series follows high school student Yuji Itadori as he joins a secret organisation of Jujutsu sorcerers, who work together to defeat a powerful curse named Ryomen Sukuna.

Season 1 of Jujutsu Kaisen is now available to stream on Crunchyroll.

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