Will there be a second series of The Circle?

The first run of the social media reality show has been a big talking point - but will it return to Channel 4?

Alice Levine and Maya Jama hosting Channel 4's The Circle (C4, HF)

Channel 4’s social media-themed reality show The Circle got viewers talking with its dystopic feel and catfishing contestants – but will it be back for a second series?


The series, which spanned three weeks, ended on Monday night with an explosive finale that saw Alex (aka Kate) become the first winner of the show and reveal to his fellow contestants that he was actually a man posing as a woman using his girlfriend’s photos.

A spokesperson for Channel 4 told RadioTimes.com that a decision on a second series has not yet been made: “We’re very pleased with the show but still waiting for final consolidated figures for the series and research on what the audience thought of it. No decision has been made on a second series.”

The Circle, presented by Alice Levine and Maya Jama, is all about the power of social media in the modern age. It is essentially a popularity contest with a twist – all social interactions between contestants are carried out online.

Contestants spent three weeks in separate apartments in a block of flats, communicating via The Circle, a social media platform, with an online persona of their choice. The aim of the game was to avoid being blocked, at which point the other contestants would discover whether that person was who they said they were, or someone else entirely.

Despite not garnering huge overnight ratings – the live final secured 0.62 million viewers – the social media reality show has been a big talking point on Twitter (funnily enough) with many heralding it as Channel 4’s modern answer to Big Brother.


Netflix has also just announced it is remaking the show for three new countries including the US.