will.i.am turns his chair before a Voice Kids contestant sings a single word

The coach pushed his red button for Charley after just four seconds

The Voice Kids

The Voice Kids coach will.i.am turned his chair for a contestant before she had sung a single word on Saturday night.


After just four seconds of passionate humming, singer Charley managed to impress will.i.am enough to make him push his red button at record-breaking speed.

The youngster from south Wales sang a cover of Lauryn Hill’s Ex-Factor, and her performance was so good that, by the end of the song, Jessie J and Danny Jones had also turned their chairs.

“I’d love you to be on my team and share with you what I’ve learned over the years,” Jessie J told 13-year-old Charley, who decided to join her team.


The Voice Kids airs on Saturday nights on ITV