Our almighty Taskmaster, Greg Davies, awarded his coveted golden head trophy to another lucky winner in the grand final of the show's 16th season tonight.


The final opened with a prize task which saw the comedians, Sam Campbell, Susan Wokoma, Sue Perkins, Julian Clary and Lucy Beaumont, asked to bring in the thing which, when you turn it around, gives you the biggest shock.

After a cardboard cut-out of Alex Horne in the nude, an urn containing the ashes of Julian's friend and the revelation that a standard ingredient in vanilla ice cream is a mixture of anal secretions and urine of beavers, Julian took the five points and it was onto the first task proper.

The contestants had to come up with something shocking (but family-friendly) to do with a doughnut, create an original, four-part exercise routine, try their hands at hospitality by hosting Alex as a guest in the Taskmaster Hotel and throw balls into a bathtub full of other balls and, at the end of it all, Greg was ready to crown the champion of Taskmaster season 16.

After a hard-fought battle, particularly at the top of the leaderboard, Sam emerged victorious, winning by a small margin over second-place Julian.

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Sam finished the season with 161 points, just ahead of Julian, who wound up with 155 points.

In third place was Susan with a respectable 139 points, while Sue was hot on her heels with 137 points.

All the way down at the bottom of the season leaderboard in last place was Lucy, who finished with a total of 129 points.

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Taskmaster's New Year Treat will air on Channel 4 over the festive period. Previous seasons of Taskmaster are available to stream on Channel 4. Looking for something else to watch in the meantime? Check out our TV Guide or visit our dedicated Entertainment hub.


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