Why is Veronica Green missing from Drag Race UK episode 5?


Veronica Green

Tonight’s episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK was a wild one indeed, with shock exits, surprise returns and jaw-dropping musical performances from the remaining Drag Race UK contestants.


If you tuned in half-way through the episode and were wondering why Veronica Green – the glamorous Rochdale-based queen – was missing from the episode, we’ve got you covered with a brief explanation for her absence.

Here’s everything you need to know about Drag Race UK’s Veronica Green and why she’s missing from episode five. If you’re wondering how COVID-19 impacted season two, make sure to check out our explainer.

Where is Veronica Green on Drag Race UK?

Veronica Green

As revealed at the start of series two’s fifth episode, which was filmed after the contestants’ seven-month coronavirus-related hiatus, Veronica Green does not return to the competition as she tests positive for COVID-19.

“Veronica Green has tested positive for the coronavirus,” RuPaul tells the remaining queens. “She won’t be joining us for this series.”

She was subsequently replaced in the episode by Joe Black, who was given a second chance in the competition after most of the line-up voted for her to return instead of Cherry Valentine and Asttina Mandella.

The queens were sent home back in March after filming the fourth episode of Drag Race UK series two, with RuPaul telling them: “In light of the rapidly changing coronavirus situation, we must cease filming immediately. Drag queens know a thing or two about survival so stay safe and I pray we’ll be back together soon, even stronger than before.”

They returned to set in October, however multiple COVID restrictions were put in place to ensure the cast and crew’s safety and the queens were tested multiple times before filming could start, A’Whora told the PA Media agency (via HuffPost).

Speaking to BBC News earlier in the year about the interruption in filming caused by the pandemic, Veronica said: “It was devastating for the entire cast.”

“We didn’t know if it was going to finish. We’d had this amazing opportunity come our way and it was dead in its tracks.”

Will she be returning to the competition?

While Veronica Green has officially left Drag Race UK’s second series and won’t be returning in future episodes, RuPaul announced in episode five that she is welcome to return for series three.

“We send her our love and an open invitation to return to the competition next series,” the show host said.

How was Veronica Green doing in the competition?

Veronica Green

Veronica Green had begun to establish herself as a competition frontrunner in series two before her exit, having won episode two’s Rats: The Rusical challenge.

In episode three, she was a joint-winner in the quick drag mini-challenge alongside Tayce and in the ‘Who Wore It Best’ challenge, she was one of the queens who did indeed wear it best.

The Rochdale-based queen, who considered herself a musical quadruple threat, had narrowly avoided landing in the bottom after her poor performance in episode four’s Morning Glory challenge, however she went on to wow the judges with her Monster Mashup runway look.


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