There’s a Love Island recoupling tonight where one boy will be dumped – and Chris is at risk

Olivia is threatening to leave Chris and choose Muggy Mike instead


Since his explosive break up with Olivia on Love Island it appears that Chris has been “ill in bed” suffering from a broken heart.


But it looks like things might be getting even worse before they get better, what with Olivia telling everyone who’ll listen that she wants to recouple with Muggy Mike, and hence dump Chris from the villa in tonight’s episode.

First, Olivia says that hypothetically if she could choose an Islander to spend a night with in the Hideaway, hypothetically, it would be Mike.“If it was just sex and nothing else and no one in the villa found out.” 

Second, she tells Mike she hasn’t spoken to Chris in a few days:“We’ve got nothing to talk about.” 

Third, Olivia notifies Mike that things between her and Chris are fully over, and then asks if he wants “to be grafted on still”, to which Mike – who clearly fancies Tyla – cops out with “it depends”. 

Fourth, Olivia informs Mike that she “potentially” wants to recouple with him. 

Meanwhile, Chris just wants to be back with Olivia, saying to Gabby and Camilla: “It’s hard to go with your head at times because your heart is so overpowering.”



But then he gets some bad news, with Montana warning him about Olivia’s threats to couple up with Mike.

“You need to be honest with her otherwise you’re going to lose her and she’s going to pick someone else,” she says, before hitting him with the big question: “Do you want her to pick Muggy Mike?”

By the time the recoupling is announced, things are not looking good for Chris. Tonight the girls will choose which boy they want to couple up with, and whichever boy isn’t picked will be dumped from the Island.

A lot of it depends on whether Olivia gets the chance to pick Mike before Tyla does. And if she does, whether one of the other girls will pick poor Chris instead.


We already had a taste of his absence last night and we are not ready to see him go for good…