Shipwrecked contestant Chris James

Name: Chris James

Age: 24

From: London

Occupation: CEO of Strawberries and Creem Events

Instagram: chrisjammer

Twitter: @Chris_Jammer

Bio: Chris is a Cambridge graduate who has since set up a music festival, Strawberries and Creem, in the university town, with this year's line-up including T-Pain, Octavian and David Rodigan. The 6'6" Londoner described his Shipwrecked experience as "savage" among other things...

Did Chris find romance on the island? "I wasn’t looking for a relationship because I had almost given up on the idea," says Chris. "But I hit it off with one guy. We are still seeing each other. We are not officially together but as we were together every day out there, it was intense!"

What was the Shipwrecked experience like for Chris after his mother died? "Being on the Shipwrecked island was amazing therapy. She died four months before I went and while I was out there, I felt I was so close to her. It did help my grieving process."

Why did Chris want to go on Shipwrecked? "I wanted a break from everything and I wanted to get out of London and do something really random! It came at exactly the right time. I hadn’t watched the show before... I think my dad probably stopped me watching it. It was not PG at the time! A friend of mine also thought it would be good for me."

Did Chris fall out with anyone on the show? "I had an argument with one girl who ended up lying to us. That was the only real one I had."

Shipwrecked airs on weeknights on E4 starting at 9pm on Monday 28th January