The Shipwrecked reboot is almost upon us, meaning that for the first time since 2009, a whole new batch of young castaways will be heading off to two paradise islands in the South Pacific.


Strictly’s Vick Hope will be hosting proceedings – but who are the first islanders joining the show?

Meet the Shipwrecked 2019 contestants below…


Age: 26

From: London

Occupation: Model

Harry describes himself as a “very enigmatic person!” who went on Shipwrecked because he “literally had nothing to do and I just thought, ‘F*** it.’” He says he was looking for “a bit of fun” rather than a relationship and made a lot of friends along the way.


Age: 19

From: Manchester

Occupation: Waitress

The only time Liv had ever been away from her mum before Shipwrecked was when she went to Magaluf for five days aged 17. She admits she can be a bit “hot-headed” and “argumentative” – "but I am 19 and I am from a council estate. That is what you get" – and reveals she fancied fellow islander Chris until she realised he was gay.


Age: 20

From: Devon

Occupation: Student and trainee Marine

Tom says he was “overwhelmed” by how emotional a lot of his fellow Shipwrecked contestants were: “Everyone was crying over a packet of crisps!” He says he has an “old school mind-set” and enjoyed striking up an unlikely friendship with Kush, “a half Indian guy from London who is into fashion”.

Big T (Tula)

Age: 26

From: London

Occupation: Part-time wig-maker

Big T reckons she was picked to go on Shipwrecked because she is “controversial” and admits she had a “massive fight with Liv” on the first night. She “would love to have a career in TV” as a talk show presenter.

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Age: 20

From: Bedforshire

Occupation: Modelling and working in a Chinese takeaway

Instagram: kalia.lai

Twitter: @KaliaLai

Kalia says the closest she has ever got to camping in the wild is V festival. However she got stuck in on the island and even struck up a romance. In terms of future plans, she says she would “love to be on EastEnders”.


Age: 21

From: Rutland

Occupation: Publishing and English graduate

Emma reckons she got picked to go on Shipwrecked because she is opinionated. “In this social climate,” she says, “it is important to have women who have opinions and use their voice.” She also revealed she loved being away from social media, spending time outside and getting a bit “grubby”.


Age: 24

From: Bromley

Occupation: Social media influencer

Hollie found romance on the island and says the Shipwrecked experience made her realise that “life is so much less stressful without phones”, despite the fact that her job relies on it. “My memories are so much clearer because I wasn’t looking at anything through a mobile phone. I was looking at everything through my eyes. It was an amazing experience,” she says.


Age: 26

From: London

Occupation: Recruitment manager

Instagram: kushting

Twitter: @Kushting

Kush calls himself the “director of fun!” and says he was the “glue in camp” that kept everyone together. His claim to fame is that Simon Fuller and Geri Halliwell signed his band – “I used to go to Geri’s house to rehearse” – but the group broke up when one of the members left.


Age: 24

From: London

Occupation: CEO of Strawberries and Creem Events

Chris found romance on the island, and also says that his time on Shipwrecked helped with his “grieving process” after his mother died. However one of his low points was having an “argument with one girl who ended up lying to us”.


Shipwrecked airs on weeknights starting from 9pm on Monday 28th January on E4