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Married at First Sight Australia viewers stunned by Ashley and Troy's passionate kiss

Ashley seemed to undergo a complete transformation in the latest episode of the E4 blind date reality show.

Troy, Ashley
Published: Tuesday, 15th September 2020 at 9:16 pm

The latest episode of Married at First Sight Australia featured the surprise of season five when Troy Delmege and Ashley Irvin went on their final date before their final commitment ceremonies (there are a lot of finals in this show) – they kissed and it didn't look forced!


Ashley has spent much of season five of the E4 reality show grimacing and squealing in response to Troy's constantly misplaced and inappropriate comments and approaches. Why on earth was she still there when he so clearly made her skin crawl?

Then came the U-turn of all U-turns.

But before that amazing moment came another creepy crawley approach from Troy when he was all hands with Ashley on the beach. Viewers were feeling universally disturbed by his moves.

As many viewers have commented throughout season five, Troy is in serious need of some lessons in how to behave with women. Are their picture books which may be able to help a grown man?

Ashley recoiled as she usually does at his touch. "That scene was almost as cringe as the beach scene of him trying to eat her," wrote one fan on social media.

It earned the post of the episode, in our opinion: "Ashley's warming up to Troy in the same manner as the proverbial frog in a pot of slow-boiling water."

Then it happened. The romantic beach date, complete with a surfer dude playing guitar, somehow miraculously changed Ashley's feelings.

This viewer was not alone in being shocked by their sudden, passionate kiss.

Then Troy stood up and reached into his pocket as if he was going to make a grand romantic gesture... or something completely obscene. It was hard to tell.

You were not alone! Many on social media had the same anxiety.

Instead, Troy produced a romantic poem and recited it. He was never going to topple Lord Byron as the new king of romantic poetry, but it worked a treat with Ashley.

Viewers were perplexed by Ashley's transformation.

Many wondered if Ashley might have hit the Champagne bucket one too many times.

The trailer for the next episode of Married at First Sight Australia teased another "final", the last dinner party and Ashley asking her husband if he meant what he said when he declared his love for her. Yikes! Are they going to be this season's success story?


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