ITV2's hit dating reality show Love Island is back and could season 10 get off to a more awkward start? We think not.


The 10th season got off to a fun start with a brand new format being revealed for the series, which saw both boys and girls enter the villa together where previously, they'd come in in their sole gender groups and the others would file in one-by-one later.

This time round, Ruchee, Jess, Mitchel, Ella and André were the first group of islanders to enter the villa but were soon told by returning host Maya Jama that they wouldn't be choosing who to couple up with. Instead, as per the public's vote, the couples were then revealed with the second batch of islanders entering the villa to excited faces.

While the rest of the couples were announced, one of the final couples to be revealed was Tyrique and Ella. But little did the rest of the islanders know that the pair already knew each other.

Once Tyrique had gone over to Ella, she was quick to ask him an important question. She asked: "Do you remember we met before?" But Tyrique continued to look confused as Ella revealed that it was "not even that long ago".

When Tyrique asked where they'd met, Ella revealed that they'd met out in a nightclub in London. But the semi professional footballer continued to state that they'd chat things over later.

Once the coupling up had finished and the girls had the chance to de-brief on their types and new partners, Ella was confused by Tyrique's memory loss. "There's no way you don't remember," she told the girls.

Later on when the pair had the chance to chat for themselves, Tyrique stated that he couldn't remember meeting Ella but then the 23-year-old model revealed that at the time of meeting, she had blonde hair. At which point, Tyrique told her that she looked "good" now. Could this get any more awkward?

The award-winning model hails from Glasgow and has come to the villa this year to find love, stating that she is "the whole package". She states: "I know what I want in life and I’ve got a big heart."

As for the one thing she wants her fellow islanders to know about her, Ella says that she'd "let the boys know that I’m wifey material so don’t play with me!".

The initial couples were all decided by public vote with Ruchee and Mehdi being coupled up, as well as Catherine and André, Molly and Mitchel, and George and Ella.

Love Island returns to ITV2 and ITVX on Monday 5th June 2023 at 9pm. You can watch all previous seasons of Love Island on BritBox – you can sign up for a 7-day free trial.

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