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Love Island 2022 LIVE: First bombshell David Sanclimenti enters the villa

Love Island fans: the wait is almost over!

Laura Whitmore on Love Island 2022
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Published: Monday, 6th June 2022 at 10:23 pm
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Live coverage of this event has now concluded

Love Island has returned to our screens tonight for its eighth outing – and it's promising to be as saucy (and dramatic) as ever.

As with previous seasons, comedian and presenter Iain Stirling reprised his role as series narrator. Laura Whitmore, meanwhile, returned to host the show, presenting all the face-to-camera segments, eliminations and recouplings.

In addition to the usual features, we have confirmation of this year's line-up of sexy singletons, as well as full details on the beautiful, sun-drenched Mallorcan villa.

This year's Love Island contestants include an international dressage star, a nanny and even a fishmonger from Brighton. Michael Owen's daughter, Gemma, is also taking part in season 8 – much to his discomfort!

Moving away from tradition slightly, season 8 marks the first time that viewers got to decide on the couples. The results of the voting were revealed in tonight's jam-packed episode, which kicked off at 9pm on ITV2.

Another big shift this season is the show's official fashion partner. Seemingly moving away from its fast fashion roots, Love Island has teamed up with eBay for the first time ever.

For all the latest updates, news and Love Island gossip, follow our live coverage below.

  • Goodnight!

    And so that completes the first episode of this year's Love Island.

    So far we have our first five couples, but one couple is about to be broken up - thanks to Davide!

    Thanks for joining us, and here's to the rest of the series...

  • Davide's got a TEXT

    He's only just arrived in the villa, but Davide has already got a text.

    In the next 24 hours, he will have to choose the girl he wants to couple up with, leaving one girl vulnerable - but who will it be?

    Our money's on Gemma!

  • Time for another chit-chat

    The girls and boys separate for another chat, and Indiyah isn't sure about Ikenna, as she questions whether he's only choosing her because the couple put them together.

    Gemma and Indiyah are feeling Davide, but it's Paige who has got in there first as she grabs the Italian Stallion for chat.

  • Truth or dare

    It's time for a traditional game of truth or dare, and there's finger sucking, lap dancing and some kissing.

    But could there be some trouble at the end of the night, as Gemma kisses new boy Davide instead of her partner Liam, hinting that she wants to share a bed with him.

  • Davide is the girls' type on paper

    He's only been in the villa for about five minutes, but already Davide is causing quite a stir, as all the girls admit they fancy him... oh and now he's got his shirt off!

    giphy (2)
  • It's an Italian snack

    Anyone hungry, because Davide Sanclimenti is here and suddenly we're feeling a little hot!

    Davide Love Island

    Davide Sanclimenti

  • Gemma's taking the bish!

    As the contestants get chatting, Gemma tells Luca that he's been a bit unfortunate with the surname Bish.

    Talk about just say it how it is!

  • Tasha opens up

    As the islanders gather around the fire, Tasha reveals that she was born completely deaf and wears a cochlear implant, which she calls her super power.

    We love your super power, Tash!

    Love Island episode 1

    Love Island

  • Naughty, naughty

    Gemma and Paige clock Luca and Andrew chatting in the garden and have a little nosy on the balcony.

    And it seems Gemma, Paige, and Tasha are top of their lists...

  • Liam questions Gemma

    As Liam and Gemma get talking, she reveals she has 12 horses at home.

    "Home, home? Like where you live?" he asks, and we can't help but laugh. He has no clue!

    As the conversation continues, the pair start talking about sports, at which point Liam asks if Gemma has dated a footballer... warm, but not quite right.

    Will Liam crack the case?

  • Heads turning...

    Sounds like Luca's got his eyes on Tasha and Gemma despite being coupled up with Paige, but things couldn't be going better for Amber and Dami who seem to have very similar banter.

  • What's your type on paper?

    Indiyah and Ikenna get down to business and discuss their types, but "tough egg" Indiyah is hard to crack and isn't giving up the deets, as she's worries he might try to live up to her type.

    There must be something in the air, as Tasha and Andrew are having the same chat, as Andrew tells Tasha she's his first blonde - there's a first time for everything, eh!

    Paige and Luca are having a slightly different conversation as the conversation turns to sex positions...

    These two are wasting no time!

    Love Island's Indiyah
    Indiyah Polack ITV
  • Time for a chat

    The girls and boys separate for a bit to have a chat, and while the boys seem happy with the public's choices, the girls have a few worries.

    Gemma likes the look of Liam, but thinks he's a little short, and Paige isn't feeling Luca's pretty boy looks.

  • Last but not least

    With Paige the last girl standing, Laura reveals that the next guy who walks through the door will be her partner, and it's Luca Bish who sells fish!

    "The suspense literally killed me," Paige says as she meets Luca.

    And that completes the first five couples for season five.

    Paige and Amber
    Paige and Amber ITV
  • Fourth couple

    Andrew Le Page is the fourth guy in the villa, and it's time for Laura to break the news to him about this year's recoupling.

    So, who have the couple chosen for the real estate agent?

    It's... Tasha, who seems very happy with the public's choice.

  • Ikenna gets his girl

    Ikenna Ekwonna has arrived in the villa and we have our third couple for season 8, with Laura revealing that the couple have voted for him and Indiyah to be a couple. Will this be a match made in heaven?

  • Liam and Gemma are the second couple

    Liam Llewellyn is the second boy in the villa and it's time to find out who the couple have chosen for Liam, and it's... Gemma!

    We think they make a pretty cute couple, but we wonder what Papa Owen is thinking at home...

    Liam Llewellyn
    Liam Llewellyn ©ITV
  • We have our first couple

    We have our first Love Island couple of 2022, and it's Amber and Dami!

    But is she happy with the public's decision?

    Amber is willing to see how it goes, but Dami's a very happy guy. Could be a good match.

  • First boy!

    Dami Hope is here, and he's feeling the girls - who he says are all "10/10."

    But Dami won't be choosing he gets to couple up with, as the public have already chosen, so who's it going to be...

    Yep, you'll have to find out after the break because this is Love Island and we actually forgot they always keep us waiting for the best bits!


    Here's to eight weeks of not being able to sleep at night until you find out what happens next.

  • Laura's here!

    Laura is here, and she's dressed for the show in a heart cut out playsuit.

    She gets straight to business, telling the girls that there's a new twist for 2022 and instead of choosing who they want to couple up with, the public have already started, and Indiyah isn't sure.

    "He's going to be short, no tattoos and ugly trunks!" LOL

  • We have our final girl

    Dressage Gemma has arrived in the villa, and she says she likes her men tall and dark like her horses - ok then!

    The daughter of former footballer of Michael Owen, she's already started with the footbal puns. Let's hope she scores in the villa.

  • Flirty Amber

    Babysitter Amber is swapping the school gates for the Love Island villa this Summer, and she's looking for a "real man."

    As the girls chat at the pool, Amber gives them a little pep talk, telling them the guys should be trying to impress them. You tell them, girl!

  • Paige and Indiyah make their Love Island debut

    Arriving first in the villa is 24-year-old Paige Thorne and hotel waitress Indiyah Polack, 23.

    And the good news is they have different types - while Paige is all for a bit of stubble, Indiyah wants a smooth man!

  • It's TIME!

    After a whole year, Love Island is back!

  • You've got a TEXT!

    Just five more minutes until the brand new series starts on ITV2, and we see the show's host strutting into the villa.

    As the show returns, here's everything you need to know about Laura Whitmore, who is in her third year of hosting the show.

  • It's the final countdown

    This is us right now rushing around trying to get our snacks in order for tonight's show.


    Are you all ready for the first recoupling?

    Tweet us @RadioTimes and let us know what you think of the new series when it starts.

  • Iain's got jokes

    The series might not have started yet, but Iain Stirling already has some Michael Owen jokes up his sleeves...

    "Me and Mark [Busk-Cowley] who write it, we have 100 million percent been sending jokes back and forth to each other that involve the footballer Michael Owen," he told us.

    "There's some absolute doozies in there. And then we found out that one guy is a fishmonger, so like there's gonna be so many fish puns, it's gonna be ridiculous."

    We can't wait to hear them!

  • 30 minutes...

    It's getting closer and Twitter might just explode with the abundance of memes we're already seeing!

    We wonder who'll be this year's meme king or queen...

  • Rules first

    It's about to be one jam packed villa, with lots of people who have just met for the first time.

    While the hope is for all contestants to get on, we know that's not always the case.

    And there are rules when it comes to what the islanders can and cannot do while they're in the villa and if they break these rules, they can be booted out of the villa.

    Here's all the Love Island rules.



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