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Abbie Quinnen wants her man AJ Pritchard to win I'm a Celebrity, but thinks another camper will

The dancer also reveals she wants AJ to suffer the "worst" trials

AJ Pritchard
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Published: Wednesday, 25th November 2020 at 8:20 pm

If you think the I'm a Celebrity contestants have unwavering support from their nearest and dearest during their struggles, you're wide of the mark: AJ Pritchard's girlfriend Abbie Quinnen says she wants him to go through the worst trials and thinks another camper may win the final.


Dancer Abbie told "I’m rooting for him to do pretty much every single challenge. I want to put him through the worst. I want to see him screaming even more!"

She added, mercilessly: "I think he’ll be absolutely hilarious with the eating challenges. I think his facial expressions will just be brilliant and I think how Mo [Farah] did the challenge where Mo put his hand in and you don’t know what it is, I think he’d be really funny at something like that."

In reality, we're not surprised to learn that Abbie is backing former Strictly Come Dancing professional AJ to get to the final.

She said: "I would obviously love him to win and I think at the moment I’m getting to see him a bit more so maybe he might have that chance to get to the final."

AJ's family is right behind him as well. "His mum has a T-shirt saying Vote for AJ on it and we’ve set up so many WhatsApp groups, trying to get everyone to vote for him."

However, Abbie thinks another camper may become King of the Jungle.

"I’m actually loving Mo Farah at the moment," she revealed. "I think he’s so cute. Last night when he was doing that little dance, when he did that floss, he literally just lightened up my heart. I think Mo has a good chance of winning."

Addressing the tension with Shane Richie this week over "Watergate", Abbie didn't think it was personal, rather AJ suffers from OCD. He really needed the pots to be clean.

Abbie explained: "He’s constantly cleaning the flat and he just likes taking care of people and he’ll want the dishes to be as clean as possible for everyone in the camp and he’ll want everything to be perfect for everyone in the camp."

As well, she didn't think he actually said Jess was "petrified" in their joint trial, as some have criticised him for.

Abbie said: "We hear Shane say that but I didn’t actually hear AJ say that because I think he was probably more scared than Jess. He was screaming!"

Abbie spent the pre-show isolation period with AJ in Wales, but is now thinking about when he emerges.

"He’s arranged a few presents for me prior to the show," she said. "So on the first day that he went in he got [brother] Curtis to give me a card saying we’d be going to Soho Farmhouse for a night in December and we’ve also been talking about possibly going to Dubai for Christmas, so we shall see. He might be so busy that we won’t be able to."

Abbie says AJ hasn't ruled out a return to BBC One's celebrity dance contest. "You know what? AJ had the best time of Strictly and he said it made him who he is, so I’d never say never, maybe even as a judge, I don't know!"

Interview by Grace Henry


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