Rylan Clark's new reality TV series, Hot Mess Summer, is ready to whisk viewers away to Zante as a group of self-professed liabilities all head to the Greek island for a summer like never before, but there's something viewers know that they don't.


The group are all under the impression they are taking part in a show to showcase their partying skills, but they couldn't be more wrong - as it's soon revealed they have all been nominated by their friends to work in a bar for the summer. Ouch!

In the first episode, the news is broken to the group, and they couldn't be more fuming - and host Rylan Clark revealed some of them wanted to go home after finding out the truth!

In an exclusive interview with RadioTimes.com, Rylan detailed just how brutal the moment was when the contestants discovered they had been nominated by their friends and family.

The Hot Mess Summer contestants all sat next to each other in a beach hut. They are all in summer clothes posing towards the camera
Hot Mess Summer contestants. Prime Video

"We had walkouts, we had people demanding flights home. It all went on - but it's exactly what we expected," he explained.

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The TV host continued: "These guys all thought they were going on a show called Party Summer, they didn't think they were on Hot Mess Summer.

"One of the contestants, Jay, he took it really hard because it was their friends and family that nominated them.

"In TV these days, you sit there and go, 'I don't believe that, there's no way they never knew.' They never knew, and it's very evident with the reactions that we got."

As viewers see, none of the contestants are best pleased with their new roles on the show, especially when they find out they can't drink and have to work hard in order to win a potential £60,000 by the end of the season.

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While the premise of the series is fairly new, some viewers will undoubtedly recognise some similarities between the likes of Sun, Sex and Suspicious Parents and even Geordie Shore - but this is what makes the show so good, Rylan says.

He told RadioTimes.com: "Hot Mess really is a medley of all the shows I loved to watch growing up, so [it is] really nostalgic.

"It's got a little bit of Sun, Sex and Suspicious Parents, it's got a bit of Geordie Shore, it's got a bit of The Apprentice, in a weird way, as well.

"The whole show, where it's a brand new concept [is] the deceit of it all. They all think they're there to party - you're not, darling!"

Hot Mess Summer launches on Wednesday 7th February on Prime Video in the UK & Ireland.

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