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Don't Tell the Bride wedding scrapped after couple break the rules

Come on guys, it’s in the name

Published: Friday, 4th October 2019 at 9:45 am

An engaged couple taking part in E4 series Don't Tell The Bride have had their wedding pulled after breaking show rules. Well, the only real rule: don’t tell the bride.


Producers discovered that would-be bride Shanise Frame had secretly discovered fiancée Yanis Wilkinson Teece’s wedding plans, forcing the show to pull their big day just three days before tying the knot.

Normally couples are expected to deactivate their social media and hand in all devices while the groom is tasked with planning their wedding ceremony.

In a moment we can only describe as solid TV gold (see above), a senior member of the production sits the couple down to confront them, announcing their big day – scheduled to take place in Paris – wouldn’t go ahead.

“It's come to our attention that the secret appears to be out and the bridal party know about some of the plans for the wedding," a producer told the pair, who initially denied the accusations before admitting foul play.

Suspicions were first rumbled when one of the bridesmaids let slip she knew the wedding was taking place in the French capital. It turned out that Shanice had been accessing her husband’s emails to find out clues about her big day.

"Shanise got access to my iPad with my emails in there, so technically the bride wasn't told, she found out through email," Yanis argued. But despite his protests, the big day was still scrapped.

In an interview to camera after the wedding was cancelled, Shanise said the incident was “heartbreaking”.

Yanis added: "I try not to think about it. I'm trying to detach myself from the whole situation and what's happened. I understand what Shanise did, but I don't agree with it, it wasn't right thing to do."

Don’t Tell The Bride has since said production have been forced to adopt a tougher approach since the incident.


Fortunately the episode itself wasn’t cancelled – you can watch it 9pm this Sunday, E4


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