Don’t Tell the Bride couple decide NOT to get married for the first time in series’ history

Sofia dreamed of a wedding on an exotic beach – instead she ended up in a brewery with a man dressed in lederhosen

Don't Tell the Bride (C4, EH)

For the first time in its thirteen series run, a couple on Don’t Tell the Bride decided not to get married.


Wednesday night’s show saw Craig creating his version of the perfect wedding day for his fiancée Sofia.

Craig decided that an Oktoberfest-themed wedding would be an excellent idea; Sofia did not agree.

The bride-to-be had dreamed of saying her vows on an exotic beach – instead she ended up in a brewery with a man dressed in lederhosen.

Sofia must have had an epiphany in this moment that Craig might not be the perfect man for her, so she stormed out of the wedding, effectively jilting her fiancé.

Crestfallen Craig said: “She thinks I’m trying to make her look stupid.

“And I wasn’t… I was trying to make this fun. It’s not a beer festival, it’s a party.”

It was like a will they-won’t-they scene out of a Richard Curtis movie – except Sofia had run off to KFC. She eventually came back and reluctantly agreed to “go through the motions”.

In hideously awkward scenes, the couple said their vows. However, when the end credits rolled it was revealed that they hadn’t made it legal.


Having seen some of the weddings on the show – aka the one at the pig farm – we’re surprised this jilting is a series first.