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There was a hilariously awkward blunder on First Dates Hotel last night

Poor Esther thought she was on a date, but she was actually just speaking to a gay ex-vicar

Published: Tuesday, 23rd January 2018 at 10:10 am

It’s finally happened. We’ve been gifted a First Dates moment even more awkward than the time that guy got dumped mid-date. Yes, even more cringe-inducing than the woman who was reunited with the ex she ditched by text.


You see, last night on First Dates Hotel a woman called Esther thought she was on a date when she wasn’t. And her imaginary date was Mark, a gay former vicar.

The pair initially met around the hotel’s pool and enjoyed a chat about Mark’s boat home before steering the conversation into a mine.

“For 25 years I was a Vicar, so I always lived in vicarages” he started. “Then I met a bloke who made it impossible to pretend to be straight anymore.”

There’s a pause. A horrible pause. “So hang on…” Esther says. “I thought this was our date?”

Nervous laughter ensues before Mark drops the line “I’m sorry about that. You’re not what I’m after!”

Can you imagine the awkwardness? Well, you don’t need to: it was all caught on camera.

Naturally, Twitter reacted to the twist with its usual self-restraint.

Fortunately, Esther eventually found her first date, Lawrence. Unfortunately, she didn't like him and left the hotel without finding love. So all in all, Swings and gay vicars on a roundabout then.


First Dates Hotel is on 10pm Monday, C4


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