First Dates contestant whose last date dumped him mid-meal finally finds love



Remember Greig from First Dates two weeks ago? The guy whose date told him he didn’t find him attractive before asking to end the evening? That’s right, the poor bloke who had to leave the restaurant while his discontented date stayed to eat a chunk of chocolate cake.


Well, good news! Last night Greig was back for a second date on the show and everyone at home was wishing him luck.

His second date was financial guru Shaun, a man with a lot in common with Greig. Sparks flew and the evening not only ended with the old romantic securing a second meeting with Shaun, but a kiss on the lips too.

So far, so many awwwwhs. But there’s another heart-warming moment from Greig as it turns out the two dates have become a couple. They’ve even just booked a holiday to Turkey together.

We’re already waiting for our wedding invite in the post, guys.


First Dates returns next Tuesday on Channel 4, 10pm