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Rewatch that painfully awkward First Dates reunion

It's a lesson in the perils of text dumping

Published: Wednesday, 19th April 2017 at 10:13 am

Ever dumped someone by text message? Then you’d best avoid signing up for First Dates because your SMS break-up could come back to haunt you.


The first episode in the new series saw old flames Emma and Peter reunited, but their, er, second chance at love was scuppered thanks to a text message.

The pair, who recognised each other instantly, had previously split when Peter called things off via text and blocked her on Instagram. Emma took her chance to finally fight back and really let Peter know how unhappy she was about the whole affair.

Their waitress agreed that Peter had made quite the faux pas - and so did Twitter.

There was a lorra lorra love for Emma.

So when she decided she wasn’t going to stick around for round 2, the internet was understandably delighted.

You do you, Emma. You don't do text dumping, you just do you.


First Dates continues on Channel 4 on Tuesday nights


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