Dancing on Ice confirmed celebrity line-up for 2018

The full celebrity line-up has been revealed, and here are the 12 celebrities taking to the ice next year

Dancing on Ice

Dancing on Ice have been teasing us with their celebrity reveals with a whole ton of rumours swirling about who’s taking part when the series returns next year, but now the first names are being confirmed by ITV.


Below is the full list of confirmed celebrities who will be skating for Jason Gardiner as he returns to the ice panel alongside former coaches Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean as they compete in 2018’s Dancing on Ice.

UPDATE: To find out more about all the professional skaters taking part in Dancing On Ice, click here.



Lemar Obika – THE Lemar from Fame Academy – has joined the cast of Dancing on Ice, replacing contestant Monty Panesar after he picked up an injury in training.

The If There’s Any Justice singer will be paired with Melody Le Moal, Panesar’s former pro skating partner.

Monty Panesar – Withdrawn

Monty Panesar on Dancing on Ice 2018
Monty Panesar on Dancing on Ice 2018 (ITV Pictures)

The seventh celebrity revealed for Dancing on Ice was England cricket star Monty Panesar. He said: “This is a great opportunity to keep myself fit and motivated and try a different sport. I’m looking forward to it, it’s going to be very exciting.”

But sadly, he didn’t make it as far as the live shows and has had to withdraw from the competition owing to injury.

“You’ll be sorely missed Monty – rest up and get better soon!” the show said on its Instagram page.

Stephanie Waring

Stephanie Waring in Dancing on Ice 2018
Stephanie Waring in Dancing on Ice 2018 (ITV Pictures)

The Hollyoaks actress revealed that she’s had to keep the news secret for a few weeks, but the cat is finally out of the bag.

She cried when she found out that she was going to be appearing on the show – we think because she was so excited!

Stephanie said she was going to try and take everything in her stride. “It’s quite a daunting challenge. The first day was pretty tough. I thought I’d be better than I was. I fell over once. It’s very technical; it’s the way you hold yourself, the positioning of your feet. Balancing is the hardest thing to do. I thought ‘well I can do yoga, I can obviously skate on ice….no Steph you can’t!”

Antony Cotton

Antony Cotton for Dancing on Ice 2018
Antony Cotton for Dancing on Ice 2018 (ITV Pictures)

After an episode of Coronation Street, Sean Tully actor Antony Cotton revealed that he “better get my skates on” as he will be taking to the ice in 2018.

Perri Shakes-Drayton

Perry Shakes-Drayton for Dancing on Ice 2018
Perry Shakes-Drayton for Dancing on Ice 2018 (ITV Pictures)

The 28-year-old track and field athlete has won gold medals in the hurdles and relay World Championships, but will Dancing on Ice prove to be her biggest challenge yet?

Donna Air

Donna Air for Dancing on Ice 2018
Donna Air for Dancing on Ice 2018 (ITV Pictures)

The TV presenter has hosted shows like The Big Breakfast, TFI Friday and is no stranger to ITV celebrity-based reality shows as she took part in Splash! back in 2013.

Donna said: “It is absolutely terrifying. It’s exciting though, it’s looking like it’s going to be a great series. It’s really difficult. Apparently my posture’s terrible so I’ve got to work on that. I need to build more core strength. My daughter’s like ‘oh no, mum you’re going to be so embarrassing’.”

Alex Beresford

Alex Beresford on Dancing on Ice 2018
Alex Beresford on Dancing on Ice 2018 (ITV Pictures)

The Good Morning Britain weather presenter was rather aptly confirmed as one of the celebrities for this series of Dancing on Ice while he read a weather report from an ice rink. We should’ve twigged!

Of signing up to the show, Alex said: “I literally started training on Tuesday so I’m at the beginning of my journey.

“I’m actually finding out who my partner is after this show so I’m really excited. I’ve wanted to do this show for ages. It’s been the biggest secret I’ve ever kept.”

Jake Quickenden

Jake Quickenden on Dancing on Ice 2018
Jake Quickenden on Dancing on Ice 2018 (ITV Pictures)

There can’t be many more ITV reality shows left for Jake Quickenden to do, surely? First it was The X Factor, then it was I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! and now it’s Dancing on Ice!

Jake will probably have a headstart over some of his other celebrities because earlier this year he was a standby contestant for The Jump.

“I’m terrified. I had my first training session yesterday – I was freezing! Ice is cold!” said Jake. “But it was amazing, the coaches are unbelievable. I just feel so lucky that I’ve been asked to do it. I’m so buzzing, I can’t even explain. It’s my mum’s favourite!”

Candice Brown

Candice Brown on Dancing on Ice 2018
Candice Brown on Dancing on Ice 2018 (ITV Pictures)

Last year’s winner of The Great British Bake Off revealed that her friends call her “Bambi on Ice” when she’s just walking about, which doesn’t exactly bode too well for her skating abilities and prowess on the rink.

“It’s nerve wracking. I start my training today…I take my first steps on the ice later on,” the baker said when she was announced. “My friends call me Bambi on Ice and that’s just normal day to day!”

Max Evans

Max Evans on Dancing on Ice 2018
Max Evans on Dancing on Ice 2018 (ITV Pictures)

Rugby star Max Evans has also been confirmed, saying: “I haven’t done any skating since I was a kid, and this is completely different having to skate on live television.

“I’ve had two training sessions which have hurt my feet a lot. We’ve all had a dance, which is familiar territory, but skating is so not…”

Max’s brother Thom Evans starred in Strictly Come Dancing back in 2014 and it was a big shock when he was voted out of the competition prematurely in week four. Let’s hope his sibling has a bit more luck when he takes to the ice next year…

Kem Cetinay

Kem Cetinay on Dancing on Ice 2018
Kem Cetinay on Dancing on Ice 2018 (ITV Pictures)

The former Love Island star clearly reckons that the ITV reality show is his type on paper after signing up to the next series of Dancing on Ice.

Kem said: “I still can’t believe I’m going to be on Dancing on Ice! Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I’d be strapping on a pair of skates and dancing in some lycra.

“Anyone who knows me will know how competitive I am, so I’m going to work very hard to stay on my feet! I can’t wait to get my skates on.”

The big question now is – will his partner be joining him on the ice? No, not Amber DaviesChris Hughes, of course!

Cheryl Baker

Cheryl Baker on Dancing on Ice
Cheryl Baker on Dancing on Ice (ITV Pictures)

Buck’s Fizz star Cheryl Baker was revealed on Lorraine, and said that she’s started training the day before. “It was such huge fun,” she said. “I’ve never skated apart from when I was about 12. I am feeling nervous.”

Brooke Vincent

Brooke Vincent for Dancing on Ice 2018
Brooke Vincent for Dancing on Ice 2018 (ITV)

The Coronation Street actress, who plays Sophie Webster in the ITV soap, was revealing during This Morning on October 30.

She said: “I love a challenge. Ice skating – what an amazing skill. Next year I can go with the girls and be like ‘I can do this, I can do that’ and they’ll be holding onto the sides. I’ve been trying to lose a few pounds to get in them leotards. I started my ice training on Saturday.

“If I get injured at least I’ll look sparkly on the way to the hospital!”


Dancing on Ice returns to ITV in 2018