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Can you identify the first Dancing on Ice contestant from just a photo of their six-pack?

Fans on Twitter have made a few guesses: some good, some less so

Published: Tuesday, 24th October 2017 at 11:08 am

ITV’s revamped Dancing on Ice has just revealed its first contestant. Well, the abs and pecs of its first contestant anyway.


The show tweeted a picture of the mystery celeb’s six-pack, alongside an ice-filled hand – your classic figure skater pose.

Can you guess whose muscled midriff is taking to the ice rink? Some ab aficionados on Twitter answered the question with a resounding yes: they reckon it’s Scottish rugby star Max Evans (cousin of DJ Chris Evans).

However, others say the torso belongs to Max's brother, fellow rugby player and former Strictly Come Dancing star Thom Evans, with his name also mentioned several times in the show's Instagram post of the same photo.

And some, well, they’ve got other ideas…

Will we find out which celeb is sporting such a six-pack soon? Or will ITV release photos of the mystery star tensing their biceps and squatting before the identity is revealed?

The tension is almost unbearable.


Dancing on Ice returns to ITV in 2018


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