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Love Island 2015: meet Joshua Ritchie

“A lot of people are going to hate me,” admits Joshua, but the cheeky Bolton lad is in it to win it

Published: Sunday, 7th June 2015 at 7:58 am

Name: Joshua Ritchie


Age: 20

Day job: A joiner from Bolton. He also does some modelling and is keen to get into property development. 

Interesting fact: Joshua says his Facebook pictures have been print-screened and someone’s made a fake Tinder profile of him. “I should take it as a compliment.”

Why Love Island? “To win the prize money, really… I can’t say that I’m going in for love because I don’t know. You don’t go looking for love, it just happens when it happens."

Do you struggle to meet girls? “I’ve done alright for myself. I’m not saying numbers or anything like that… I don’t think I’m struggling, I think I’m doing quite well.”

Will your friends be watching? “No one knows I’m going on it to be fair, apart from my mum and dad. They think I’m hilarious. My mum won’t watch it, she knows what I’m like with girls.”

Are you worried about getting steamy on TV? “No, no.” 

Do you have a celeb crush? “I keep on saying Caroline Flack. I don’t know why.” 

What puts you off a girl? “Girls who take drugs, I don’t like that. And I can’t be doing with girls who think they’re something really good but they’re not really.”

Ideal date? “Something fun, not sitting around a table asking each other boring questions. We might go and get drunk.”

How would you cope with a love triangle? “It depends if I like the girl. I don’t like girls who have two guys at the same time. Have a bit of dignity.”

What about the boy’s feelings? If they’re my mates, it’s treading on toes. There’s boy’s code, you just don’t go there. I hate boys who snake on their mates. It’s not good, is it?”

Have you ever told a lie to get a girl? “That I slept with a different amount of girls than I did. Lower… not going to tell her higher, am I?”

Do you have a party trick? “I just get naked. I’m not bothered.”

Are you worried about what viewers will think of you? “Not everyone’s going to like you to be fair. A lot of people are going to hate me. I’ve got to take it as it comes, no sweat off my back. They’re irrelevant to my life, the people that hate me. It wouldn’t affect me.”

What would you spend the £50,000 prize money on? “I’m going to become a property developer. I wouldn’t just go and blow it. I’m not stupid, I’m quite clever with money.”

Will you play a tactical game to win? “Yeah, I’ve come to win it. I’ve not come to go out in the first round.


Love Island starts Sunday 7th June on ITV2


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