Hear the Friends cast sing the Friends theme tune… sort of

Could this BE any more exciting? Joey, Monica and co recite the lyrics to the classic theme song as sold-out London festival FriendsFest adds extra tickets

If the fact that the Friends festival sold out so quickly had you going a bit ‘Red Ross’ there’s good news: more tickets are being released. 


Oh yes, grab your whistles because at 1pm on Thursday 27th August the extra tickets, which cost £5 each, will be released on the Comedy Central website

Demand is high, so get in there quick if you fancy a trip to FriendsFest, which will see a corner of London’s East End transformed into Ross, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Joey and Pheobe’s famous New York City haunts this September.

As well as an exhibition of original props and memorabilia, there will be a full-scale set of Monica’s apartment and a Central Perk-inspired cafe where fans can find a caffeine fix – and hog the sofa, naturally. 

There’s even a pop-up hair salon for Friends addicts to get themselves their very own ‘Rachel’ cut. 

To celebrate FriendsFest (and promote the fact that all of the episodes are being shown in chronological order weekdays on the channel) Comedy Central has snipped bits of episodes together to make the cast recite the lyrics to the theme tune in a rather clever (if slightly disturbing) way. It’s almost better than Smelly Cat. Almost.