Well, you know Eurovision 2021 has kicked off when we have a lady emerge onto the stage in a brightly coloured, large, mechanical dress and then she proceeds to rap - we really did miss the Eurovision Song Contest in 2020.


The lady in question was Manizha who was battling it out in the semi-finals on behalf of Russia with her song, the aptly named Russian Woman - and she has laid down the gauntlet to the rest of the Eurovision 2021 entries.

The dress in question appeared to be on wheels and it was such a good entrance that we almost wish she had opened the entire contest. Although that being said, we are still thinking about the dance routine from Lithuania that did kick off the semi-finals.

Manizha did step out of the dress - that many have compared to a colourful Dalek - shortly into the number where she sported a much cooler red outfit but we won't lie, the dress was such a hypnotising sight that we would have happily watched her in it for the whole thing.

And we were not the only people that loved the unusual outfit as those on Twitter were quick to share their thoughts and in some cases bewilderment, at what they were seeing unfold before their eyes.

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"Omg Russia is hilarious #Eurovision," one wrote.

Agreeing, another added: "Oh my god Russia Is hilarious #Eurovision

"Omg that giant dress though. Glad she wasn't in that for long," one wrote, commenting on Manizha's outfit choice.

"That dress movement is so funny, well done Russia, so good! #Eurovision @bbceurovision" a fourth commented.

Giving us a bit of insight behind the meaning of the dress, a fourth person said: "for everyone wondering manizha’s dress is not referring to matryoshka (russian doll) it actually a tea warmer and in russia it’s called baba na chainik. it usually looking like a woman that sits on top of a teapot."

Another added: and her big dress at the beginning represents all russian women cause it’s made of pieces of cloth thatwomen from all over russia had sent to her #Eurovision"

As strange and wonderful as the visuals were, it would be remiss of us not to mention the song as Russian Woman was actually a bit of a banger. While not matching the original costume choice at all, the rap number did surprise us and we imagine we will be listening to it a few times between now and Saturday - it has a great message behind it too.

The acts are competing in the semi-finals ahead of the big grand final this Saturday night. All the acts are competing with the exception of the big five, the UK, France, Germany, Spain and Italy who are guaranteed a spot on final night.

Host nation and last years winner, The Netherlands, are also automatically through and do not have to compete until the main event.


The Eurovision Song contest 2021 will air on the BBC this Saturday. Check out the full list of Eurovision winners and how many times the UK has won Eurovision here. If you're looking for something to watch tonight, check out our TV Guide.