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Channel 4's The Bridge full line-up - every contestant for new reality series

From Trisha Goddard's daughter to a stripper with "alpha-male syndrome", here's everything you need to know about the 12 contestants taking part in Channel 4's new reality show The Bridge.

The Bridge
Channel 4
Published: Tuesday, 29th September 2020 at 12:35 pm

While the pandemic has forced many reality shows to stop filming, Channel 4 plans to launch a brand new series, The Bridge, in which 12 strangers must work together to build a bridge for a chance to win £100,000.


Narrated by His Dark Materials' James McAvoy, The Bridge will give a dozen contestants 20 days to construct an overpass together from the banks of a lake in the British countryside on which they stand to an island 250 metres away, whilst overcoming a series of surprise twists in the process.

Channel 4 has recently announced its line-up of contenders, which include Trish Goddard's publicist daughter, a stripper with "alpha-male syndrome" and an ex-military paddle-boarder, all with different personality traits and views.

Here's everything you need to know about the cast of Channel 4's The Bridge.


Billie The Bridge
Channel 4

Age: 30

Location: London

Occupation: Publicist

Publicist Billie cites the ability to cope under pressure as one of her key strengths, having dealt with a raft of well-known celebrities throughout her thriving career. The London-based 30-year-old struggled with drug and alcohol addiction five years ago as a result of childhood trauma but has since become an advocate for addiction and mental health issues after becoming clean and sober.

The daughter of TV presenter Trish Goddard, single Billie says that her mother is apprehensive about her participation on the show, but she's also encouraging as she understands that Billie is "a bit stuck in a rut in life".

Billie describes herself as a "very strategic thinker" and a "very good problem solver" based on what she does for a living, and signed up for the show after spending lockdown alone and deciding to branch out after working hard over the past eight years.


Tara The Bridge
Channel 4

Age: 39

Location: London

Occupation: Waitress/Spray Tan Beautician

Participating in the first series of The Bridge is Tara – a recent COVID-19 survivor who spent nine days in the Intensive Care Unit and decided to grab this opportunity "with both hands" when it came along.

The 39-year-old was addicted to drink and drugs at the age of 21, but has since gone to rehab, become clean and is now married with two daughters.

The waitress and spray tan beautician describes herself as a strong-minded superwoman, who can be "quite savage and ruthless" at times. "I'll have my husband and girls in my head and will be thinking constantly that I'd love to bring them back some money," she says on her approach to the show.


Channel 4

Age: 60

Location: London

Occupation: Car Fabricator

East End Londoner Sly is a carer to his 90-year-old mother and is known as a friendly grandfather type amongst his friends and family due to his laugh-a-minute, optimistic approach to life.

After losing his son to a brain aneurysm, Sly realised that life is too short to be angry, and loves going above and beyond to help others, but isn't the type to enforce the law.

He's taking part in The Bridge to prove that age isn't a limitation and believes he can bring his building skills and ability to make "the best out of the least" to the show. "While everybody's sleeping under the tarpaulin, I'll have got a three-bedroom flat up in the trees somewhere, with an escalator," he says.


Zac The Bridge
Channel 4

Age: 26

Location: Surrey

Occupation: Performer

Trainer dancer and acrobat Zac currently works as a stripper for Dreamboys after breaking his foot a few years ago and needing a career change. While his father told him that he would never make a career out of dancing, Zac believes this gave him the drive to achieve his dreams as he wanted to prove his father wrong.

The 26-year-old describes himself as very cocky leader type suffering from "alpha-make syndrome", a massive flirt and a man who likes his creature comforts and would sooner go 'glamping'.

He decided to join The Bridge as he "loves a challenge" and believes he will bring "a whole lot of charisma" to the show. He says that if an argument broke out, he would be the one to step in as he "can't stand that kind of behaviour", and he doesn't "really vibe" with people who complain about everything.


Luke The Bridge
Channel 4

Age: 26

Location: Doncaster

Occupation: Plumber

Full-time plumber and part-time model Luke has vowed to always work extra hard after experiencing homelessness growing up and living in a tent under a bridge with his mum and his sister for a time. He describes himself as extremely outgoing, friendly and someone who would 'flirt to death' to ensure victory, especially since he's recently single after a four-year relationship.

He decided to take part in the show, despite knowing nothing about it, as he's "a very spontaneous and adventurous sort of person" and says that it takes a lot to press his buttons, although if someone starts being disrespectful, "don't cross that line with me". He added that he'd hate to do the show with someone who's "over-the-top", "fake" and "attention-seeking".


Maura The Bridge
Channel 4

Age: 20

Location: County Kildare, Ireland

Occupation: Hotel Entertainer & Fitness Instructor

Ireland-born Maura moved to London at the age of 16 to enrol in drama school, learning to wash and cook by watching YouTube tutorials. The 20-year-old describes herself as an extremely competitive person, having joined the Irish National Tennis team at 8-years-old.

While she admits that she had a privileged upbringing, Maura lost her job as a hotel entertainer and fitness instructor during the pandemic and wants to "put [her] best foot forward" to win the £100,000 up for grabs. She's a self-professed people pleaser and would rather ignore nasty people than confront them, preferring to "play fair" when it comes to winning the prize money, although it depends on what the situation is.


Rowan The Bridge
Channel 4

Age: 22

Location: Fife

Occupation: Graduate

Single graduate Rowan, who's currently a camp counsellor and extreme sports instructor in America, describes himself as a confident person with the gift of the gab, but also describes himself as "marmite" due to his massive ego.

The 22-year-old feels as though his opinion is often dismissed due to his age, but loves nothing more than to prove those people wrong. Rowan is very open about his sexuality, having come out to his family and friends as bisexual last year, and feels accepted despite growing up in a small town with no diversity.

He admits that his dream is "to be on TV" and signed up as reality shows are his "guilty pleasure", although he'd loved to win the show for bragging rights and of course, the money. He adds that the first thing he'd buy with the prize money is a load of Gregg's sausage rolls as he has an inkling that the contestants might "be starved out there".


Dominique The Bridge
Channel 4

Age: 21

Location: Manchester

Occupation: Student

Opinionated and headstrong Dominique is a lover of physical activity and adventure, and a staunch Brexiteer, despite having been too young to vote in the Brexit Referendum.

Manchester-based Dominique comes from a working class background and was raised by her mother after her dad died when she was a baby.

She signed up for the show after being attracted to the "mystery surround it" and the £100,000 prize money up for grabs. While she doesn't have distinctive skills in terms of setting up tents or starting fires, she feels she has "good leadership qualities" and is a "competitive kind of person that tries to get everything in order to win".


Julie The Bridge
Channel 4

Age: 28

Location: London

Occupation: Junior fashion designer

Junior fashion designer Julie lives with her sister Jade, they share the same friends and often get confused for a set of twins, so the 28-year-old would love to do this experience by herself to show she's just as strong on her own. She considers herself to be the wild one out of her and her sister and has been single for four years despite her mother telling her she needs to settle down.

Julie loves travelling and signed up for the show as she's "always up for a good adventure". Her family are Vietnamese, with her nan holding traditional views when it comes to gender roles, believing that women should be in the kitchen and do the cleaning. Julie thinks she'd freak out if she knew what her granddaughters got up to.

The 28-year-old is currently on furlough but would love to start a fashion brand with her sister one day. She considers herself to be "more like a peacekeeper" and "quite laid back", however now there's money at stake, she feels like she needs to push herself a bit more.


Sarah The Bridge
Channel 4

Age: 44

Location: The Wirral

Occupation: Stand Up Paddle Boarder

Single Sarah is ranked second in the UK in the paddle board endurance series and now runs her own paddle board business, having previously been in the military. The 44-year-old, who is divorced with a daughter, is a self-assured leader and considers herself to be very competitive. She isn't afraid to take charge and doesn't have a problem with putting alpha males in their place.

She signed up for The Bridge as she usually goes to Australia every year, but hasn't been able to due to COVID-19 so she needs "a bit of excitement" and "something other than just work". She adds that her military background has made her an "alpha female", although her friends think she's single because she's "too independent".


Levi The Bridge
Channel 4

Age: 29

Location: Wolverhampton

Occupation: Restaurant Manager

Restaurant Manager Levi describes himself as "ruthless" after being hurt in the past by an ex, but believes he'll be out of his depth in 'The Wilderness', having once turned up to a farm in fresh white trainers and skinny jeans. He's not afraid to go up against alpha leaders and is sick of being underestimated by straight men who don't consider him a rival.

He signed up for the show after seeing an advert for The Bridge and deciding that taking part would be a nice way of rediscovering his youth. "With the whole world going through a crazy time at the moment, this is going to be the year to do things that you wouldn't normally do," he says.

He adds that he's not joining the show to make friends, and is determined to win the money to get on the property ladder and save for a surrogate, as he dreams of having his own child.


The Bridge Sam
Channel 4

Age: 26

Location: Devon

Occupation: PE teacher

Devon-based Sam was recently working as a PE teacher in secondary schools but once COVID-19 struck, he decided to move back in with his parents and study a course in plumbing and gas.

The 26-year-old loves the outdoors and is an adrenaline junkie, having sky dived, bungee jumped and swam in a cage with sharks. He prefers people who are up front and honest, taking a dislike to two-faced people who like to "stir the pot".


He signed up for The Bridge as he's in-between careers at the moment and thought, "why not?" He's normally quite a spontaneous and last-minute person anyway, and considers himself to be quite approachable and outgoing.

The Bridge will air on Channel 4 from Sunday, 11th October at 9pm. To find out what else is on, check out our TV Guide.

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