Channel 4’s new reality show The Bridge challenges strangers to build a bridge to win £100,000

A new Channel 4 reality show will see 12 strangers build a bridge for the chance to win £100,000

James McAvoy

Channel 4 is launching a brand-new reality competition in which strangers must band together and build a bridge to reach a £100,000 prize jackpot.


Narrated by His Dark Materials’ James McAvoy, The Bridge will challenge 12 people to build a bridge together from the banks of a lake in the British countryside on which they stand to an island 250 metres away in order to claim the prize money.

Based on a Spanish reality series, the group will have 20 days in which to construct an overpass together whilst overcoming a series of surprise twists in the process and learning to work as a team.

If they manage to reach the money, each contestant will get to vote for who they think is the most deserving of the “life-changing prize”, with the winner deciding whether to keep all the money or to share it with their peers.

The five-part series is set to air later this year, and will be “the ultimate test of mental skill, physical agility and group dynamics as the strangers live together in the beautiful British countryside”.

Phil Harris, Head of Entertainment at Channel 4 said, “This is such an exciting first reality commission for me and the Channel 4 entertainment department. The brilliant Workerbee have conjured up the entertaining twists, comedy and drama viewers associate with classic Channel 4 reality, against what might be considered a traditionally more factual backdrop.”

The format, which debuted in Spain in 2017 as El Puente, has also been sold to France, where it will air on channel M6.

The Bridge will be McAvoy’s first reality TV gig, with the award-winning actor previously having starred in dramas such as Shameless, His Dark Materials and State of Play.

The Scottish 41-year-old is now best-known for his film work however, making a name for himself as young Professor X in the X-Men films, Mr Tumnus in The Chronicles of Narnia as well as Atonement, Starter for 10 and It Chapter Two.


The Bridge will air on Channel 4 later this year. To find out what else is on in the mean time, check out our TV Guide.