It was the last of the Britain's Got Talent auditions over the weekend, and plenty of rules were broken when it came to the coveted golden buzzers.


The judges have used their golden buzzers more than once over the course of the season, which for many has been a delight.

But there was one act who the audience desperately wanted to received a golden buzzer, but there were none left! So, what happened?

As is the case each year, the winner of the season will walk away with a life-changing £250,000 and will perform at the Royal Variety Performance - so the pressure really is on for all of the acts to make their mark.

But who are the golden buzzer acts on Britain's Got Talent 2024? Here are the contestants who have been revealed so far.

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Taryn Charles

Taryn Charles singing on stage during Britain's Got Talent.
Taryn Charles. ITV/Thames

Taryn Charles dazzled the audience and judges during her audition, choosing to sing her own rendition of Aretha Franklin's iconic song (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman. The special educational needs teacher said she wanted to audition because she loves to “make people smile” and she certainly did.

The teacher revealed that one of her students had come to support her and after being given the golden buzzer, they joined her on stage to congratulate her along with Bruno Tonioli.

Tonioli said of her performance: “You made me forget about [Aretha Franklin's] version. You made it so much your own, with so much feeling, and the colour of your voice is unique and you’re a very, very special person my darling.”

Head judge Simon Cowell said he could tell Taryn was nervous because someone must have told her she wasn't good enough in the past, which she admitted was true.

Cowell said: “Boy, did you prove that person wrong and that is what that golden buzzer is all about, you are a little star.”

CyberAgent Legit

CyberAgent Legit, dancing and wearing matching outfits on Britain’s Got Talent
CyberAgent Legit on Britain’s Got Talent ITV / Thames

Futuristic dance troupe CyberAgent Legit took to the stage wearing coordinated red and silver outfits, and blew the judges and the audience away.

All four judges gave them a standing ovation, and Simon even seemed somewhat lost for words.

He said after the performance: "Amazing, fantastic. That was my favourite act of the day, actually. Really, really good, wow."

The audience started chanting for Simon to press the Golden Buzzer and as Bruno started giving his verdict, Simon reached across and did just that, securing CyberAgent Legit's place in the semi-finals.

Simon went up on stage to congratulate them, saying: "The energy from the audience was just fantastic. I'm so happy for you."

He added later: "I could see how much time had gone into that. Everyone in this theatre was rooting for you."

Sydnie Christmas

Sydnie Christmas on Britain's Got Talent. She is wearing a beige shirt and blue jeans as she holds a microphone in front of her. She is smiling as she looks out at something in front of her.
Sydnie Christmas. Thames

The judges were originally unsure about Sydnie's performance when she revealed she would be singing Tomorrow from Annie, with Simon admitting it was his least favourite song, but they were soon blown away.

Her rendition had the audience up on their feet giving her a standing ovation, along with the whole judging panel – even Simon!

Before pressing the golden buzzer, Amanda told Sydnie: "That was the best version I have ever heard in my life so that's why I'm gonna do this!"

As for why she pressed the golden buzzer, Amanda told and other press: "What beautiful girl! For me, to have the sort of vibes of Adele in that she had that sort of humble, that sense of humour. I said to Simon, 'She was a clown.' But you could see it meant so much to her on the day."

As Amanda went to give her a hug, Sydnie said: "Thank you for this opportunity."

Ssaulabi Taekwondo Troupe

Ssaulabi Taekwondo Troupe.
Ssaulabi Taekwondo Troupe. Thames

Hailing from South Korea is the Ssaulabi Taekwondo Troupe, who impressed the judges and audience alike with their stunt-filled performance.

The group want to the be the first Taekwondo troupe to win Britain's Got Talent, and Ant and Dec's golden buzzer pushed them closer to that chance!

As their performance came to an end, the audience and judges were up on their feet and soon, Ant and Dec made their way down and hit the golden buzzer.

Ravi's Dream Team

Ravi's Dream Team on Britain's Got Talent 2024. There are a large group of people are stood on a stage, with two children stood in the very middle holding microphones
Ravi's Dream Team on Britain's Got Talent 2024. Thames

It was an emotional one when Ravi and his choir sang for the judges in the latest episode of Britain's Got Talent.

As Ravi stepped on stage with his friends and family, he told the judges he was living with a brain tumour and has "always" wanted to audition for BGT.

"Two yeas ago I was diagnosed with a brain tumour and I'm here to show no matter what life throws, you can still achieve your dreams," he told the judges.

Ravi and the choir then performed A Million Dreams from The Greatest Showman, and there wasn't a dry eye to be seen.

As they came to the end of their performance, Alesha Dixon pressed the coveted golden buzzer.

As for why she pressed the buzzer, Dixon said: "The golden buzzer is such a personal thing and I always say I can only press it when it feels right, and you're such a remarkable young man."


Comedian Nabe had the entire audience and each of the judges in stitches with his eccentric impressions - but none more so than Amanda Holden, who pressed her golden buzzer for a second time to send the jokester to the semi-finals.

Speaking of her decision, Holden said: "Normally when I press my golden buzzer, I'm in floods of tears and I give a big speech, but this made me howl, you were so funny."

Phoenix Boys

Bringing the laughs may have worked for Nabe, but Phoenix Boys got through by bringing the emotions for Bruno Tonioli.

The dance troupe managed to leave the former Strictly Come Dancing judge in tears - and he got so excited to send them through that he broke his golden buzzer!

"What really touches people is when you perform from your heart," Tonioli explained. "It's the truth of your performance, that's really what remains in people’s minds - and you touched me, and I think you touched everyone here."


Haribow became the last act to received a golden buzzer - and this time, it was courtesy of someone other than the judges.

The dance troupe, who flew in from Japan, impressed the judges and viewers alike, with those in the audience begging the panel to give them a golden buzzer, but there was nothing they could do as there were none left to give out!

"This is better than anything I've ever seen, and you are amazing dancers as well," Bruno said as he turned to the shouting audience. "Listen to me, we've got none left, we can't!"

As the crowd's screams became more intense, Simon told his son Eric and Amanda's daughter Hollie to "do it", and they hit the golden buzzer!

"What an amazing moment, that was my son and Amanda's daughter, egged on by the audience," Simon said. "We are going to see you in the finals - congratulations."

We'll be updating this page regularly with all the golden buzzer acts from Britain's Got Talent 2024.

Britain's Got Talent continues on ITV1 and ITVX.


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