Bradley Walsh confirms “shake-up” for The Chase

The charismatic presenter hinted that multiple new chasers could be about to join the popular quiz show

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The Chase is already a juggernaut of the modern game show landscape – and it looks like the ITV quiz is about to get even bigger.


Bradley Walsh, who has presented the show since it began in 2009, has promised that the show is set to undergo a “shake-up” when it returns to air at the start of 2020.

Walsh hinted that the current crop of quizzing experts – The Beast, The Vixen, The Sinnerman, The Governess and The Dark Destroyer – could be joined by not one, but multiple new chasers.

Speaking exclusively to, the charismatic host and Doctor Who star said: “We’re making more and more shows all the time, so we need to recruit more people all the time.

“So consequently, we have put our feelers out to find other people that will be suitable, and all will be revealed next year.”

When asked if that might mean hiring more than one new chaser, Walsh replied: “It could be more than one, who knows. But it’s a proper shake-up.”

With The Chase currently off our screens for a short break, Walsh has taken up presenting duties on another ITV game show, Cash Trapped – which he also helped to develop.

Now on its third series – and it’s first in two years – Walsh said that the show is a “different beast” to The Chase and described it as “a soap opera with quiz questions.”

the chase ITV
Bradley Walsh and the chasers on The Chase (ITV)

“It’s got a whole narrative running through it and if people don’t win they can’t leave,” he said.

“And sometimes it’s lovely, sometimes it’s funny and heart-warming, but others it’s really tense, and it’s tricky. And some people get upset that they can’t leave the show and their kids are at home and they want to see them.

“So, it’s everything you wanted – it’s like an afternoon soap opera but with questions in it.”

And Walsh said that coming up with new concepts for game shows is something he’d love to do more of in the future.

“It’s a thrill for me also, running that five o’clock slot on ITV – I really enjoy that,” he said.

“I think it’s quite a compliment actually, to be asked to be able to do that. There’s nothing wrong with being Mr five o’clock. Basically I think it’s fab.”


Bradley Walsh is currently presenting Cash Trapped, which airs weekdays at 5pm on ITV