Bradley Walsh and Scott Mills lose it on The Chase over ‘Deez Nuts’ answer

The host is basically writing himself into the Radio 1 presenter's Innuendo Bingo, falling to the floor over latest unexpected answer


When ‘Deez Nuts’ comes up as an answer option on The Chase, you just know what’s going to happen: Bradley Walsh is going to lose it.


He’s already admitted the question writers deliberately try and make him laugh with their choice of words and phrases.

But it’s the celebrity guest that makes this even more well-timed. Radio 1 DJ Scott Mills is no stranger to using quotes from The Chase out of context on his ‘Innuendo Bingo’ game, which makes commonplace sentences sound rude. This is just writing it for him, right?

And when Deez Nuts turns out to be the right answer, Walsh actually falls to the floor…


The Chase continues today at 5pm on ITV