The Chase question writers deliberately try and make me laugh now, says Bradley Walsh

"Of course they do! That's their bent," Walsh says as he admits he gets caught out again in an upcoming celebrity special

Presenter Bradley Walsh is well-known for his laughing fits on ITV quiz show The Chase. Footage of his attempts to discuss German alpine skier Fanny Chmelar is firmly in the show’s hall of fame. Now, he admits, the question writers are deliberately writing questions to catch him out.


“Of course they do! That’s their bent,” Walsh told “That is exactly what they do.”

“We have the world number one quizzer, Olav Bjortomt, as our question setter. He sits with the question guys – they deliberately go out of their way to find questions that will trip me up.”

Walsh thinks he’s got wise to their tactics though.

“If I see a question come up and I think ‘hang on, this could go two ways here’, then it either does, and I’m ready for it, or it doesn’t and I go ‘Oh well, a false alarm’. What it does show is that I don’t pre-read the questions. It catches me by surprise.”

However, while filming on an upcoming celebrity special, Walsh admits he “fell off the wagon”.

“The other day I completely lost it in the celeb show. One came up which was really, really funny. I know they’re thrilled when that happens. So yes, in answer to your question, they try all the time.”

Let’s take a moment to enjoy that original clip once more:

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