Bradley Walsh's The Chase is, in its simplest form, just a quiz show. Answer enough questions correctly and you'll beat the chaser to the finish line. But, among the quizzing - with questions ranging from geography to pop culture - are those golden moments. The moments where Walsh can't stop laughing, the moment a chaser gets their comeuppance and the moment the set is broken and you learn it's held together with sticky tape.


The series has returned after its summer break - with a brand new chaser to boot - and we're celebrating by rounding up some of the most tummy-tickling moments of the lot:

1. Chaser Mark Labbett walks off after proving one minute you're the cock of the walk and the next you're a feather duster...

2. Walsh tells David Haye the only way he'll win is if he distracts the chaser by stripping...

3. There's a time and a place for a story about how a bird killed a bald man with a tortoise and The Chase is it

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4. This is the classic: Walsh losing it over the name Fanny Chmelar

5… and Dick Tingeler

6… and a question about the cock in Trafalgar square

7. Walsh is also known to make playful digs at the opposition (cough, Pointless)

8. The chasers aren't too forgiving when contestants mess it up and yell the answer out

9. And the celebrity guests can't always keep their cool over the rude answers

10. Some - Kim Woodburn - aren't afraid to turn on the host

11. And Walsh certainly isn't afraid to poke a little fun at the celebrity contestants, such as Anton Du Beke for his magazine shoot poses


The Chase is on weekdays from 5pm on ITV