Submarine drama Vigil has captivated audiences across its opening three episodes, with viewers desperate to get to the bottom of who killed Craig Burke and Jade Antoniak.


And one person who already knows the answers is Tom Edge – the man responsible for creating the BBC One series. Credited as the creator and lead writer on the thriller, Edge is a BAFTA and WGA nominated screenwriter with some impressive credits to his name.

Among the most notable shows on his CV are The Crown, for which he wrote the series two episode Paterfamilias, and BBC One's JK Rowling adaptation Strike, on which he has served as the lead writer from series two onwards.

He also created and served as the lead writer on all three series of Channel4/Netflix sitcom Lovesick (previously titled Scrotal Recall) and wrote the feature film Judy – which saw Renee Zellweger win the Best Actress Oscar for her portrayal of Judy Garland.

BBC/Mark Mainz

Before Vigil began airing, Edge described the show to as "a high octane, twisting and turning contemporary thriller that asks questions about Britain's place in the world today."

And asked if he would enjoy watching the show as it aired – and following the reactions from viewers – he remarked, "Yeah, I mean, I'm not on social media as a voice in the mix. But I think inevitably, I will have my nose to the glass for the show, it's the kind of show that provokes conversations and speculation week to week and that's why I'm really pleased that it's gonna go out weekly, not be boxsetted, until the end of the run."

He added, "I really hope that audiences enjoy it live, and the gap between episodes and speculation, rather than hopefully frustration. As you'll know it's a pretty much identical release pattern to [Jed Mercurio drama] Bodyguard a few years ago, and I think that that worked great.

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"The guys and girls at [production company] World have a lot of experience in making shows, and also in bringing them to the public. So I think everyone agreed this would be the way to do it. I mean, I think I will find it probably quite a queasy ride. Especially if after each week everyone's like, well, it's crystal clear what happens and we all agree. That would be dreadful but fingers crossed that won't happen."

After Vigil, Edge has a number of other projects currently in the pipeline, the most prominent of which is his four-part adaptation of Imran Mahmood’s novel You Don't Know Me, which is being co-produced by BBC One and Netflix and will air in 2022.

The series will tell the story of a young man, who stands accused of murder in the face of overwhelming evidence against him, but who during his trial tells an extraordinary story about his wife and how he risked everything to save her.

He will also once again turn his attention to the latest series of Strike, which is subtitled Troubled Blood.

Vigil continues on Sunday nights at 9pm on BBC One and BBC iPlayer – read our latest Vigil review and our biggest Vigil questions after episode 3, plus learn more about the Vigil cast, the Vigil theme song and where Vigil is filmed.


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