Viewers were confused and intrigued by Picnic at Hanging Rock

Natalie Dormer's new series went up against the World Cup – and those who watched liked what they saw

Picnic at Hanging Rock

While England suffered defeat at the hands of Croatia in the World Cup semi-final on Wednesday night, a new adaptation of a classic mystery – Picnic at Hanging Rock – crept up on BBC2.


The beautifully shot six-parter tells the tale of a group of Australian schoolgirls who mysteriously vanish from a Valentine’s Day picnic in 1900 and stars Natalie Dormer as Mrs Appleyard, the cruel headmistress who runs the school with an iron fist.

The “strange and creepy” series debut intrigued a selection of non-football watching viewers (800,00 of them, to be precise), and left them scratching their heads as to what could have happened to the girls…

But sadly it appears that in Picnic at Hanging Rock, just like the football…


Picnic at Hanging Rock continues at 9pm on Wednesdays on BBC2

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