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This House of Cards fan theory suggests another key character could be murdered in season five

Could Frank Underwood be planning to eliminate another liability? Possible season 5 spoilers follow

Published: Thursday, 18th May 2017 at 2:10 pm

There will be blood in House of Cards season five. We just don't know whose yet.


A shot from the new season five trailer from Netflix shows Claire Underwood (Robin Wright) being bustled into a car by secret service agents, her suit covered in blood.


Now, Reddit user ShowTheories has come up with an intriguing theory for who could have been the victim – and who's responsible.

Possible season five spoilers to follow


Still here? OK then.

So, here's the suggestion: Catherine Durant, Secretary of State for President Underwood, will be killed off in season five. And Underwood – unsurprisingly – will be responsible.

"The first inkling of Durant's demise occurred to me during Chapter 50 [in season four] when she tried to turn democratic convention upside down," ShowTheories suggests. "After successfully threatening her to back down Frank later says, 'After a dog's bitten you, you either put it to sleep, or you put a muzzle on it. I've chosen a muzzle for now.'"


Now, they suggest, Frank has decided to put Durant to sleep.

"Catherine Durant only appears in the trailer one time and it's shaking hands with Russian leader Viktor Petrov," the post continues. "If you recall in season 4 at the G7 summit in Germany Petrov wanted nothing to do with Durant, so why all of a sudden are they meeting privately?"


The reason, at least according to this theory, is that Durant has finally broken ranks and is ready to do a deal with the Russians in order to bring down Underwood.

Underwood discovers Durant's treachery, and somehow arranges a hit on the Secretary of State made to look like a terrorist attack. Hence the funeral full of military top brass, hence Claire being shoved into an SUV, just close enough to the incident to deflect any suspicions being levelled at the Underwoods.

After all, remember that Frank flat out admitted to Cathy Durant in season four that he was responsible for the deaths of Peter Russo and Zoe Barnes.


"I killed them both, just like he said I did," Frank tells Durant, 'he' being investigative journalist Lucas Goodwin. "But nobody believes it, and nobody ever will, because that’s how good we are at making things disappear."

He laughs it off, tells her he was joking, but how long can this brazen defiance last? Does being president make it harder to eliminate your potential weak spots – or easier?

We'll have to wait and see whether any of this proves true when season five is released on Tuesday 30 May.


In her chilling monologue, Claire Underwood urged us to "tell us what you see". Well, ShowTheories has told us – and we're more than intrigued.


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